Sunday, May 22, 2011

And End to a Great Weekend

Well, the end is near for this weekend...bummer.  It was a really fun weekend too.  Thank goodness  Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.  Darren and I both have 5 glorious days off.   I can't wait!

Friday, I took a few hours off early from work so I could come home and spend some extra time with my hubby and our little guy.  That afternoon/evening we went to visit mom at the bank so she and the other girls could see Ryder, then we decided to do some grocery shopping.  Friday night was pretty uneventful, and we hit the sack pretty early!

Saturday I went to Bloomington with Kara and a few of the other bridesmaids to go see the movie "Bridesmaids."  It was hysterical!  I haven't laughed that much in a movie in a real long time.  It was totally worth seeing in the theater.  Then, a few of us went to enjoy some food and drinks at T.G.I. Fridays.  It was delicious!!  I also got to spend some time with Danielle while she was up for the weekend.  It was great to catch up and visit for awhile.

Today I had Kara's bridal shower.  It was a lot of fun!!  I got to see a bunch of friends I don't get to see that often, and I got to meet some of my friends new little babies.  It was great!  I was holding a little 8 week old and I just melted.  I just love little babies!

So, along those lines, it was extremely difficult to stay on my Weight Watchers PointsPlus track this weekend. I didn't gain anything, which was kind of a surprise to me, but oh well.  I'll take those results with a very big smile!!!  I didn't realize LIGHT beer was worth so many points!  Luckily, I only had two, but still.....all of the goodies I was able to enjoy this weekend definitely tested my will power.

Here are two pics from over the weekend I thought were worth sharing:
This is Sarah holding her little girl Sylvia and my little guy Ryder.  Sylvia and Ryder are boyfriend and girlfriend.  They were holding hands, but I was too slow to get a picture of it.  It was so precious.  They are too cute together!!

Annnnd this is Ryder after getting home from the shower.  He was such a good boy throughout the whole shower, but was rubbing his eyes towards the end.  That probably contributed to the grouchiness.  Either that, or he really wanted to hang out with the girls a little longer. :)
Well, I guess that's it for now.  Have a good rest of the weekend (what's left of it anyway) and thanks for reading.

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