Monday, June 27, 2011

"There's no place like home."--The Wizard of Oz

Hello all!  So, I just have two things I wanted to update everyone on.

First off, my baby boy just sat himself up all by himself!! He was scooting around on his knees, turned to look at me, smiled, and sat himself up.  I am so proud of him!  Also, he is so close to crawling.  We could probably technically consider what he does now as crawling, but, I won't officially annouce anything until he figures out how to move his legs and hands in the crawling motion.  He does pretty good now, but he hasn't quite gotten it down yet.

Second, we had someone come look at our leak in our dining room.  The culprit was our upstairs bathtub.  At first, the guy wanted to put a hole in our dining room wall and ceiling, but luckily, he discovered that the issue was just with some loose tiling around the tub.  There are no leaking pipes and nothing is seriously wrong...just those few tiles.  That is a load off of my mind!  So, this whole situation has inspired me to re-do my bathroom.  :)  I will definitely be posting before and after pictures for this project.   I can tell the bathroom hasn't been updated for a looooong time....

So, I guess it's like the quote says, there's no place like home!!

Have a good evening, and thanks for reading!!!

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