Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Everything humans know of our planet we were told had been shared. You lied to us."--Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Hello!! I will explain my title quote in a bit.

This weekend has been a lot of fun so far.  Saturday night we had a "surprise" birthday party for my dad.  He turns the big 5-0 on Wednesday, so we had decided that the weekend before would be a perfect time to throw the party.  Well, you all know how hard it is to keep a secret.  None of us came right out and told him...I made the mistake of texting mom something about the party, and alas, he found out.  But, it was still a great night.  However....let me just vent for a of my biggest pet peeves is when people RSVP that they are FOR SURE coming, and then still don't show up.  Really?!  I consider it a big slap in the face.  I mean, I understand things come up that people can't control, and I completely understand that.  But, seriously, a lot of people RSVP'd yes, and didn't show.  We still had a great time, but still, it's common courtesy.....ok, I'm done. :)  Here are some pictures of the party I thought I would share on here:

Haha, dad's birthday cake.  The saying was my creation....(I wanted it to be stupid/silly)
His picture collage wall.  It turned out awesome.  Sorry you can't see all of the pictures better.
 More of the picture wall
 Darren and Ryder
Me and Ryder
 Ryder and Colbie.  They are 5 months apart (she is 11 months old, and Ryder is almost 7 months old)
 He really hasn't been around babies his own size, so he wasn't sure what to think.
 Haha, too cute!
 Dad trying to blow out all of his candles.   Danielle and I put on maybe 60-70....haha
Ok, it was really dark when taking this picture.  Darren looks pissed, and I look like an idiot.  My camera did three flashes...and it confused us.... :)
 Good picture of us!
 Come on, you knew an ugly picture was coming :)
I love line dancing!!!!
Dad dancing on a chair :)  I think he had fun!!

Onto the explanation of my title quote.  Today, mom and dad watched Ryder for us so we could have our date in Bloomington.  Our first stop was to the theater to see......

It was a really good flick!  I am a big fan of the first two, so I knew I'd like it.  The effects are absolutely brilliant!!  The storyline wasn't too bad either.  Is it one of the best movies I've ever seen?  HECK NO!  But, it was definitely entertaining, and I will be purchasing it on Blu-Ray when it is released, because visually, it is amazing!  I'm usually not a big fan of action movies, but I really enjoy these.  Plus, what's better than Optimus Prime kicking some ass?  Haha!  Plus, I got to see some awesome trailers for "Harry Potter" and "Captain America"!! YAY!

After the movie, we went to Gordman's and bought some wall decor for the house.  Then, we decided to eat at Logan's Roadhouse since we were so close.  It was delicious!  I haven't had steak in quite awhile, and it was great!  Plus, they have wonderful rolls.....

Then, we went to Menards and finished buying light fixtures/ceiling fans for our downstairs rooms.  Crap, I forgot, I need a new one for our downstairs bathroom.....oh well.  The major ones are purchased!  I am in re-decorating mode, which is a good thing because our house needs some updating.  It's coming along slowly but surely.

And, what could make this night any better??  "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" is on TV.  SCORE!  Have a good night, and very happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

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