Saturday, July 2, 2011

"I truly, deeply love you, and before we die, I want you to know."--Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

So, the above quote was deemed one of the worst movie quotes.....I don't think it's the worst one in this movie by any means, but it is very cheesy.  Episode II is my least favorite "Star Wars" installment.  They tried to include a love story, which is necessary to explain what comes next, but the way they did it was not good at all.  However, with all of that being said, I will still sit down and watch this movie because it is "Star Wars," and I can't get enough of them!

I'm so excited that it is finally the weekend!! I have the next three days off, work for one day, then have another day off.  I should have just taken Tuesday off too so that way I'd have a 5 day weekend, but oh well. 

Tonight we have BIG plans, but I will discuss what those in my next post.  There is a reason for this, trust me.

Tomorrow Darren and I are going down to  Bloomington on a little date (I think I mentioned this before.)  Turns out, Jeffro and Kinzey can't come, so it will just be the two of us, which is fine.  We are going to do some shopping, go eat lunch or dinner depending on the time, and then see the new "Transformers" movie.  Based on what I've read and heard, I think this movie is going to be GREAT!!  I will definitely post a little review after seeing it.

Now,onto some updates....

Update #1:  I can finally constitute Ryder's scooting as crawling.  He is definitely a lean, mean, mobile machine!  I can't believe he's old enough to crawl!! He's still a little wobbly with the whole process, but he is doing extremely well at getting around.  My little guy is growing so fast...I can't believe he is almost 7 months old!

These pictures are of Ryder crawling...sort of.  Everytime I would go to take the picture, he would stop.  He was also smiling in these....right before I hit the button.  Little stinker!

Update #2:  Weight loss, weight loss, weight's going really well!!  I am a few pounds away from my goal.  Once I hit that goal, I will annouce the weight loss numbers so far.  I am excited and energized and ready to keep going with this!!!!  This weekend is going to be a struggle with everything that is going wish me luck!

Well, that's all for now.  Everyone have a nice Saturday, try to stay cool in this heat, and thanks for reading!

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