Friday, July 8, 2011

"A's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed - bred for its skills in magic."--Napoleon Dynamite

My title quote is from a hilarious flick, "Napoleon Dynamite."  If you've never seen it, you need to.  It's so stupid it's funny.  I am very picky when it comes to comedy movies....I don't like to watch the ones that try too hard.  This one is hilarious!

Well, this week went by quick, probably because I really only worked two and half days.  Next week I am working longer hours Monday-Thursday, then I have a half day on Friday, then that night we get to start the festivities for Kara's wedding! It should be a fun weekend next weekend.  Busy, but fun!  "Harry Potter" comes out next weekend too, so I think we are going to try to see it next Sunday.  Yay!

I decided tonight I would take pictures documenting Ryder's bedtime activities.  I really just felt like taking pictures I thought I would make it a "theme" so do speak.
 I think my flash is too bright for him, haha.  Here is Ryder, ready to eat his cereal before bed.
 Please don't judge the pink came in the set of four.  :)  Look at him eyeing his cereal...

He likes to think he can feed himself...well, he can, just not well.
 Yummy cereal!
 I think he just wants me to quit taking pictures.
 His favorite part of the meal....the bottle.
 Getting his lavender night time lotion put on before bed (if you look by his head, you can see the top of the baby powder container....)

And this is what happened when Ryder rolled over on his changing table while I was getting him ready for bed.  He knocked over the baby powder, and the wipes.  Yay, a mess for me to clean up!! ;)
 He loves this horsey toy.  This pair of PJ's is one of my favorites.  They are so adorable.
 In his crib, ready to go to sleep.
This is the mess I get to clean up every night.  You have probably noticed the same Spider-Man blanket in most of my pictures.  This is Ryder's favorite blanket to sleep and play on.

Another view of the toy mess.

Ahhhh, all picked up!

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my night.  Have a good rest of the night, and thanks for reading!

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