Thursday, July 21, 2011

"You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!"--Rocky

My title quote is from the movie "Rocky."  I love Rocky!  I can't really explain's just a good underdog story.  The rest of the movies in the series aren't too bad, with the exception of "Rocky V".  If you've never seen "Rocky," and like to mock movies, this is the movie for you!  There is some definite mocking potential with Sly Stalone in this one. :)

So, I have been a little pre-occupied this week.  With everything that went on this past week/weekend, I had completely forgot I had an insurance test today.  I remembered this on Monday.  I buckled down and attempted to study this week.  I didn't have time to study at work, and I should've known better than to try to study at home.  I couldn't concentrate with my little crawling monster getting everywhere, and talking up a storm, and whining, and crying...well, you get it.  Let's just say that this morning when I left for work, I had a plan: to look over as much as possible before my test...but know that I wasn't going to pass this time, which would be fine, because I can always re-take it when things are less hectic.  I followed my plan pretty well...but I still didn't have high hopes.  So, what happened?
I PASSED! YAY!  I was so happy!  I must've known the material better than I thought I did. 

That puts me one step closer to earning my first insurance designation.  Once I earn that, it means I get to put fancy letters behind my name in my email signature and other work related correspondence.  My goal is to earn quite a few of these designations.  This first one leads into earning a lot more, so I figured it was a good starting point. 

Yesterday, I made the decision to take some time off after my test today, just so that way I could come home a little earlier and relax.  I got home just in time to go with Darren to pick Ryder up from the sitter.  When we got home, I got to feed him his afternoon fruit, which I hardly ever get to do during the week since I don't get home until after 5.
What did he enjoy today?

Apricots with mixed fruit.

He loves his fruit.

Yumm yummy.

All done with the fruit and his "ba-ba" and in a pretty good mood.

Usually, we do our grocery shopping on Fridays.  However, tomorrow night we have plans so we can't go.  Since I got home earlier, we decided to go today.  We lugged the little man out into the heat and traveled the 2 blocks to....
Daves!  And yes, we drove the two blocks...there's no way I was going to walk with Ryder in this heat.  That would be insane!

This is the first time Ryder got to be a "big boy" and sit in the actual cart at Daves.  He enjoyed himself.

The rest of this evening I think I'm going to relax with "Grey's Anatomy".  I've also decided to reward myself with Marchelloni's since I passed my test.  Darren also bought me an ice cream cake yesterday for no reason, so I may have a slice of that.  The diet can wait a day or two.  I've been doing well, so this is my reward!

Have a good night, and thanks for reading!!! :)

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