Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"All I did was take pictures... "--One Hour Photo

"One Hour Photo" is a creeptastic movie....Robin Williams plays a crazy guy that works at a photo center, and he basically stalks a family.  Weird....creepy....pretty good movie!

The day has come....WE GOT OUR CAMERA!!!!  Within a half hour of being home we had it busted out taking some pictures.  Now remember, this was my first time using it, and I have a lot to learn, but I absolutely love the camera so far!!  I can't wait to use the different lenses and different features. :)
Haha, this is the very first picture I took with the new camera

He's such a big boy :)

LOVE this one!

Pushed himself up

Looking at daddy

Such a cutie pie

MoMo kitty

Playing airplane with daddy.  You can see his teeth a little bit :)

Happy boy!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.  I will be playing with the camera a lot, so I will hopefully have lots more pictures to share.

Also, an update on the solid food venture: Ryder is now eating solid pears and peaches, a little bit anyway.  He's doing loads better than how he was acting with them a few days ago.  I'm a proud mama!

Have a good night, and thanks for reading!

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