Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm tired.  Actually, the word 'tired' is an understatement.  Exhausted seems more suitable for my current situation.  On top of not being able to sleep well, when I did happen to doze off, little man decided that was the perfect time to cry, and an opportune time for mommy to rock him.  Motherhood...gotta' love it! :) (which I TOTALLY do!!!)

So, last night me, Darren and Ryder all watched "Toy Story."  If any of you know Ryder, he is a little busy body, and has little or no attention span.  He is into everything, and cannot sit still.  Well, we had him in his high chair for snack time.  So, he couldn't go anywhere and was actually watching the movie.  I'll tell ya', it was one of the cutest things I've seen/heard.  He was laughing and "talking" to the flipping adorable!!  Here is a picture of it. :)
Loving the "Toy Story" experience!

Well, no big plans the rest of the week, or over the weekend for that matter.  I am totally OK with that.  The furthest I plan on going is potentially Pontiac, if I even make it that far.  I feel like all we've been doing for the past few weeks is run run run.  It makes for a very tiring weekend...a very tiring and short weekend to be exact.  Let's see if I stay strong and take it easy....

The more I take pictures and edit them, the more I realize I love doing it. My plan for the weekend is to take more pictures, and edit like crazy so that way I get the hang of it quicker (in my mind anyway.) Hopefully I will have more pictures to share with you all once I figure it all out. I'm looking for more test subjects for the picture taking adventures...we'll see if I come up with anything.

Let's hope this week goes by quick! I'll leave you with some of the other pictures we took on Saturday.  I apologize, they are not edited, but I think they still look nice. Enjoy!

He's so funny... :)

Have a good Monday night.  I plan on eating a baked potato, watching my stupid guilty pleasure show "Secret Life" (not sure why I like it,) and relaxing with my boys.

Thanks for reading!!!

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