Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Charlotte? You know, with the web? She has babies, then she dies. It's like, 'Hey, mom, welcome home from the hospital.' THUD."--Friends

I thought this quote was appropriate.  We actually just watched "Charlotte's Web" last night with Ryder.  Such a classic!!

The day has somehow gotten away from me.  It's already 3 in the afternoon, and my Sunday "chores" are not finished yet.  Part of that is my fault...ok, it's all my fault.  That's ok though...Sunday is the day the rest, right??

This morning, we decided to go out to eat for breakfast.  I gave Ryder some plain white toast pieces, and he absolutely loved it!!  I decided to buy him some whole grain white bread to try out for snack time at home.

We decided to go back out to the fair early this afternoon so Ryder could get one last glance of his first Fairbury fair.  I don't think he was very impressed.....

I finally found a way to get my pictures loaded, soooo, here are the pics from the fair Friday afternoon...
First view inside the grounds


More fair fun

He was looking at the animals

More animal viewing

Not sure what this is


Another mystery animal

An alpaca sleeping under the shavings...probably trying to stay cool

Darren and Ryder

More of the grounds

No no...thank you American Legion Speedway...

I couldn't leave before getting a funnel cake, one of my must haves during fair time

Happy to home in the AC

Here are pictures I took out at the fair today....
Games and ride area

We were sitting under an overhang where the grand stands are, and I thought I'd take an up close and personal shot of the ferris wheel :)

Happy baby

Liking the fair a little more today

Note one, but two camels!

Love this facial expression

So innocent

Me and Ryder

All smiles today!

After the fair we went out to the park to take a few pictuers and let Ryder explore in the grass a bit...
View of a portion of the park

Smiles for daddy

He's not sure how he feels about the grass

Deciding whether or not he likes crawling on the grass

Darren chillin' at the park

Me at the park

He moved, so he had to feel the grass in this spot too

I guess the grass isn't too bad :)

He LOVES being held up like this

Having fun!!

Happy boy!!

Darren and Ryder

Those are all of the pics I have to share.  I took more, but I didn't think you all wanted to see 100+ pictures that I took over the course of one weekend. 

I keep forgetting to mention how the weight loss is panning out.  It is going awesome!  I actually met my second weight goal through Weight Watchers...well, surpassed it is the better word.  So, I am only a few pounds away from the next one.  I promise, one of these times I will announce the number of how much I've lost! :) 

One more thing...Ryder is having his surgery tomorrow for his undescended testicle.  It is a small procedure to bring the testicle down, but he still needs to be put out for it.  I know everything will be alright, but he's our entire world and I think Darren and I are both dreading this.  Please please please send all positive thoughts our way!!!

Thanks for stopping in and reading! Have a good Sunday!! :)

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