Thursday, August 25, 2011

Click click clickety click.....

I'm going to take a short break from the title quotes....I don't want to get burnt out from them, nor do I want anyone else to get sick of them.  So, it's regular titles until further notice. :)

For tonight's post, I thought I'd share some updates of Ryder, and include some random pictures Darren and I took this evening.

So, how is Ryder??  He's doing fabulous.  He was cranky Tuesday and Wednesday, but he seems much better today.  I think the soreness is wearing off because he isn't whining as much.  I think a portion of the crabiness is in relation to some new teeth that I think will be making their appearance shortly.  Ryder's mouth is like a drool faucet that has an infinite leak.  You will notice this in some of the pictures.

What does Ryder hate foodwise??  We introduced meat recently, and hehates chicken noodle, chicken and vegetables, and we tried macaroni and cheese...but alas, he hated it.  He also hates diced peaches, pears, cantelope, all kinds of cheese, and cottage cheese.  He also was not a fan of diced green beans.

What does Ryder like foodwise?? He still loves pureed fruit and veggies, any kind, any mix. He also likes the pureed veggies that have mixed grain and noodles in them.  He loves puffs, the Gerber crunchies, Gerber yogurt melts, Cheerios, baby gold fish and whole grain white toast.  I am going to try solids we've previously tried to see if his mind has changed at all.  He is a picky stinker!

What is Ryder saying?? He has been much more vocal lately.  He says da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba, ga-ga, any mix of these, oohh, aahh, and dee.  He is also making lots of razzing noises, and I think he's been trying to say "Yeah" and the start of "ki" for kitty.

What else is up with Ryder??  He's been crawling for about two months.  He really started getting around good a the beginning of July.  He can pull himself up to a standing position, and he's trying to cruise around the furniture.  He's such a strong little guy.  He can wave, but chooses not to, and he likes to watch me clap.  He gets a kick out of it, but won't do it himself.  He is also trying to get used to the pincer grasp, but still likes to pick up everything with his fist.  Also, he's making the transition into 12-18 month clothes.  He can still fit into some 9 month clothing, but it's getting tight. 

What doesn't Ryder like?? The word NO!  Uh oh....I think I'm going to be in trouble if he already doesn't like this word....

As promised, here are some random pictures we took tonight.  Since this blog is about baby R-Dub, all of the pictures are of him. :)
This was after snack time.  He has pieces of gold fish and toast on him.  Can you tell he drools a lot?

He also thinks he's a puppy dog

"Whatchu' talkin' about Willis?"

Looks like he's plotting something...

I still don't know where he gets those blue eyes from.  I think they're here to stay, too.  Weird!

He loves his Elmo

Playing with daddy's X-Box stuff and the rest of the electronics, which is a no no!

I love this picture!!

That's all for now folks.  I'm going to enjoy some "Jersey Shore."  That show is so stupid, but I addicted!

Have a good night, and thanks for reading! :)


Kendra said...

He is adorable! and isnt it funny how drool shows up in pictures so much better than it does in real life?!?! p.s love jersey shore. haven't watched any of this season yet.

Sara said...

Yes, I definitely noticed that the drool was more apparent in the

I'm not sure what it is about Jersey Shore, but it is VERY addicting....they are all a bunch of morons, but I can't stop watching!

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