Monday, August 22, 2011

"Don't give up on your lost causes, you never know when your luck will change."--Dawson's Creek

I love "Dawson's Creek."  This show got a lot of slack because the dialogue seemed too mature for supposed high school kids.  Who cares?  The show was still great!  I am actually in the mood to watch it now. :)

Ryder had his surgery this morning.  Poor Darren still had to work last night, so he got off at 4am, which is the time I woke up.  We left the house by 5am to get to Peoria.  Ryder's surgery was scheduled for 8am, but we were told to get there at 6:30am for pre-op fun.  They did take some of his growth stats, so I'll share those:

Weight: 22.4 lbs (he's getting so big)
Height: 27.5 inches (I'm not sure if this is completely accurate.  It didn't look like he straightened his leg out all of the way.)
I'll have more up to date stats to share in two weeks at his 9 month well check appointment.

We also took some pictures of the morning,  I apologize in advance, the following pictures were taken on cell phones, and are a little fuzzy and blurry.
The little patient, waiting for his surgery

He was very into his teething giraffe today

The surgery did not take long at all...maybe 30 minutes.  However, it was a looooonnnnnggg 30 minutes.  After the surgery, the doctor met us in a conference room to let us know how it went.  Everything went great!  He was able to locate the testicle, said it was healthy, and brought it down with no issues.  After that, only one of us was allowed to go back and see him, so I went back first.  It took Ryder awhile to wake up from the anesthesia, so I tried feeding him a bottle to see if that would help in the waking up process.  It was a total success!!  After sitting in this little area for about 15-20 minutes, they moved us to the second stage recovery room, and paged Darren to come back to be with us.
Little man after surgery in recovery.  He just finished his bottle and was fast asleep.

We were back home by 11:30 this morning.  He gets to see the urologist again in two weeks to get some of his dressings removed.  I will be even happier when that day comes!!!

Ryder seems to doing ok; he's very vocal...babbling like crazy...or screaming...or bawling his eyes out.  They prescribed some Tylenol with codeine for him to use for the next day or two.  Our little guy is being so strong...we couldn't be prouder of him!  However, this whole process hasn't stopped the mobile side of him....He doesn't have any restrictions as far as mobility is concerned...they said he could continue his normal mobile routine.
Big boy, standing in his jail

He still crawls around like crazy and is pulling himself up and standing.  He's so strong!

He has been taking awesome naps lately, so I was very pleased when he took a 2 1/2 hour nap for me this afternoon, which meant I got about a 2 hour nap as well!!  I needed it!
Such a little sweet pea :)

I think I am going to skip cooking tonight and order a pizza, and just take it easy with Ryder.  I have tomorrow off as well, so I am looking forward to our quality time together! 

That's the only topic I really had to cover today....I'm so glad it's over and now we just have to worry about the recovery period.  I can stress enough how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family who sent their love and support our way!  We love you all!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, and have a good Monday evening! :)

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