Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!"--Planet of the Apes

I thought my quote was very suitable for this post, because yesterday we had a family adventure.  We made the trek up to Brookfield Zoo near Chicago.  It was so much fun, and I think Ryder really enjoyed it. Ryder was also exactly 8 months old yesterday, so that made it a little more special. I have some pictures to share of our day. :)  This is not all of the pictures...I really didn't feel like loading 60+ pictures on these are my favorites.  I am still awaiting the arrival of my new camera, so these were taken on our other camera.
Yay!  We made it :)

His first glimpse of the zoo atmosphere


Ryder and Darren looking at the sea lions and seals

I think they're cute

Me and Ryder

Our attempt of a family picture at the dolphin show


Ryder loved watching the dolphins

We were at the children's zoo and a goat was being very friendly to Ryder's toes

This is where we ate lunch

The fries were not good


Ryder was enjoying himself

Darren and Ryder in tropic world

An can kind of see him poking his head around the rock


I guess it was nap time

This one was definitely chillin' :)


Polar bear staying cool in the water

I love Polar bears

A penguin
Getting ready to leave the zoo
We made a stop in one of the gift shops before leaving and got Ryder a gift

A stuffed bear that we affectionately named Mr. Grizzles.  He loves to chew on him already :)

Once we got home, we fed Ryder and decided to go swimming at Lisa's.  It was a fun day!

Today, I decided to head to Pontiac to pick up a few things, and took Ryder with me so we could have some quality alone time, plus, this gave Darren a chance to work in the  yard a little bit. 

We are slowly trying to introduce Ryder to more solid foods....with little or no success so far.  He is a picky little booger.  I'm sure it will get better as he keeps getting bigger...hopefully.
On the menu for an attempt at lunch was green beans, cheese, and cheerios (nice combo, I know..I was trying to give him more options) He liked the cheerios....that's it.  So, I resorted to the pureed Gerber garden veggies he likes.  It's got to get better....right?

I plan on trying to relax the rest of's been a tiring weekend.  Have a good Sunday everyone, and thanks for reading!! :)

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