Thursday, August 4, 2011

"How dare you open a space man's helmet on an uncharted planet? My eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets!" Toy Story

I love "Toy Story."  It's one of my favorite Pixar movies.  I hope Ryder enjoys it as much as I have! :)

Oh, the trials and tribulations of an almost 8 month old…..
My name is Ryder, and I think I'm a dog...

First, I’m not sure Ryder likes his sippy cup.  He has snack time every night, so each night I give him his sippy to try to use.  I do not give him juice, so the sippy just contains water.  He just doesn’t dig it.  We have only tried three different kinds so far: a Playtex one, a Munchkin one, and a Nuby one.  All of them have handles.  I don’t think Ryder enjoys the handle ones so much.  Time for me to go back to the store and buy some different ones…maybe the ones with no handles will serve him better, who knows. 

Second, I have a very frustrated little man crawling around my house.  He is frustrated for a few reasons…

1.      He likes to crawl into the kitchen, which would be fine, except we have a doorway in our kitchen that has steps leading down into our back door foyer area, which then have more stairs that go down into our basement.  I have to leave this door open for now so our cats can go down to the basement, which is where the all important litter box is.  We bought a little kitty door to put in so that way we can shut the door and the cats can come and go from the basement as they please, but have yet to put it in.  So, we have a baby gate in the doorway between our dining room and kitchen that is a few inches off of the ground so that way it is too small for Ryder to go under, but just right for the animals.  This doesn’t make him happy…he’s cut off from his beloved kitchen….

2.      He wants to pull himself up onto everything.  He’s getting better, but he gets himself frustrated and upset when it doesn’t go the way he wants.  My baby has learned to whine quite well.  It’s a high pitched whine, combined with a look of terror.  It’s actually really funny, so I can’t help but laugh when he does it.

3.      At our house, we have what’s called the “Grump Hour.”  Ryder does not like to take naps.  At all.  Never.  He has to be exhausted to take a nap.  He’s like this at the sitter’s house too.  He fights it so much, so he just becomes a grouch, and gets frustrated, and whiney, yada yada yada.  So, the “Grump Hour” is from 7pm-8pm every night.  We start to give him his night time goodies which consist of oatmeal w/fruit and a bottle around 7:45, so the grouchiness is halted for awhile.  Let’s just say when 8:15-8:30 rolls around, little man is ready for bed.  We read him his story, and then put him to bed.  Not five minutes later he’s out.  So, you’d think that if we put him in his crib to nap that would make a difference.  Nope.  Not at all.  He sits in his crib and cries, and will not go to sleep.  Nap time is mostly non-existent in our world…..and I say mostly, because sometimes….

He will nap….and he feels so much better afterwards.

Hopefully, the frustration and crabbiness will subside eventually.  It’s not bad at all, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Ryder because he’s just in that stage where he wants to do and see everything.  What a little stinker!   Have a good evening, and thanks for reading!

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