Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cookout Fun

Only one more day for the Holiday weekend.  Even though we had no plans, it's still gone by way too quick.

Let's see, what's been going on....

Saturday we ran over to Pontiac to get a few things, then we came home and decided to go up to Lost in Time for lunch.  It was delicious!!  Since we were taking it easy the whole day, I thought an easy crock pot dinner would be a good idea.  I made homemade beef and noodles, and it turned out really good!!  We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday, which was a very nice change.  Usually we go go go, so it was nice to take it easy.

Today was a pretty laid back morning.  This afternoon we went over to mom and dad's for a cookout.  We got to see Aunt Lorri and Frank, and Jeffro and Kinzey as well, so it was a good afternoon.  I took some pictures of our afternoon that I thought I would share.
Happy hubby :)

He looks bored....or irritated

Liberty kitty

Another one of Liberty

Not sure why he decided to sit like that...

Bubble gun time.  I love Darren's face in this one

Lots o' bubbles

Waiting for the bubble show

Bubbles galore!

Mom playing with Ryder during the bubble show

I think he's wondering where all of the bubbles went...

Up close and personal with the hubby

Dad talking to Ryder
I always seem to find a few flowers to take pictures of

Sorry, I don't have anything else interesting to say......bummer.

Have a good night, and a very safe and happy Labor day tomorrow!  Thanks for reading! :)

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