Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm So Excited....and I Just Can't Hide It!

Ok, so I am excited for a couple of reasons.

1.)  This weather is awesome.  I love it.  Minus the nasty cold rain, I love the coolness and briskness in the air.  I think I also noticed some trees today with the leaves changing.  Woo hoo!!

2.)  We are heading down to southern Illinois in a few weeks for a little "vacation."  We are staying close to the Shawnee National Forest on a lake in a chalet.  It looks gorgeous down there, and I can't wait to get away for a few days.  Plus, we get to see my grandpa while we're down there, which is a big plus. :)

3.)  I decided I'm going to buy myself a birthday gift.  I haven't bought a purse in awhile, mostly because the purses I pick out aren't the cheapest.  I'm lucky if I find one for under $100 most of the time.  So, because my birthday is coming up, I'm going to buy this purse I found, and Darren has no say.  None.  At all.  Because I love this purse.  And I want it.  With all of my being. And desire. Yep.  :)

 4.)  Lastly, I went and bought something very special over my lunch today.  This is the best purchase I've made in weeks....I can't put the purse into this category because I haven't bought it yet.  But, anyways, this purchase is so wonderful, I might cry.  Seriously.  I think I feel a tear.  Ok, I'm lying.  Buuuut, I am super excited about this.  I've been waiting for a few months for this to come out.  Today, I bought.....

"THOR" ON BLU-RAY!!!! And yes, I totally took a picture of my own copy, because I am that proud.  The cover says it so right, this movie was "Spectacular"! 

Ok, enough on the "Thor" gushing.  Ok, just a little more.... I actually forgot it came out on Tuesday, and happened to remember today right before I left to go to Meijer at lunch for a few other things we needed.  I'm so glad I remembered.  Too bad I won't have time to watch it until the weekend....poo.

That's all I will bore you with tonight...wait, who am I kidding?  This post was fantastic because of the awesomeness that is "Thor"!!!  Totally kidding...maybe.

Have a good night, and thanks for taking in my rambling. :)

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