Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pumpkins and Gourds Galore

Today has been a pretty busy day.  I really hate it when we have little to no plans over a weekend, but we still end up being extremely busy....grrr.

Anyway, we went to Pontiac this morning for a few things, then came home and started our weekend "chores."  Then, me, mom and Kinzey went out to Maley's farm to get pumpkins and gourds.  We took Ryder along for this spectacular journey, and I really don't think he was too impressed...

Here we are at the start of the pumpkin/gourd journey, wagon completely empty except for little man

We found a "Ryder-sized-pumpkin"

Lots to choose from!

Ryder was keeping the gourds company

Lots o' gourds and pumpkins

Mom was doing most of the heavy lifting. 

Not too excited

I think he was ready for a nap

Touching one of the weird gourds

Out of his wagon prison and walking around a bit

Weird gourds....I like them though :)

Old lookin' pumpkin

Kinzey and Ryder in front of the big farm machinery

More weird gourds...which we bought for decorating :)

When we got home, Ryder took an amazing 3 hour nap, in which time I was able to catch up on "Beverly Hills 90210."  It was AH-mazing!  Then, Darren decided to test his culinary skills....
You may think this is a Big Mac from McDonalds....but it isn't....

Darren found a recipe on how to make your own Big Macs at home.

I must say, these were spot on, and completely delicious.  Darren did such a great job!!  I was very surprised at how much these resembled and actually tasted like a real Big Mac.  I really couldn't tell a huge difference between these and the real ones.  Good jon Dar!!

I took more pictures after these, but I have yet to upload them.  That will be something to share another day. :)  We had more "adventures" after this as well, but those go with the pictures I took....oh the suspense, right?  haha

I think I am going to retire upstairs and finally watch "Thor!"  How excited am I?  VERY!

Have a good night everyone, and thanks for reading!!

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