Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Weekend with the Family...and Jason Voorhees?

Sorry it's been awhile for an update.  We have been super busy and I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog at all.

On Friday, Darren, Ryder, mom, dad, and myself made the journey to southern Illinois.  We stayed at the Egyptian Hills Resort in Creal Springs, which is located right on the Egyptain lake.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Here are just a few of the pictures the first day/night we were there.

View right out of our chalet

Beautiful sunset

Saturday morning, we stopped at Bob Evans and ate breakfast.  I had the BEST pancakes....EVER!  They were the cinnamin melt pancakes....OMG.  SOOO GOOD!!!  It is my new favorite breakfast dish at Bob Evans!!

My Grandpa lives about an hour away from where we were staying, so Saturday we took a drive into the Shawnee National Forest to go visit him.  The first two pictures were taken out of the car window on our drive over....

Getting closer to the wilderness

There were tons of windy roads lined with gorgeous trees.  So many opportunities for great pictures!

This was Ryder's first encounter with his Great Grandpa

They clicked immediately. :)
One of the views from Grandpa's porch

Enjoying the outdoors a bit


We headed back over to our chalet later that afternoon/evening....and we had a visitor....

It's Jason Voorhees, and he's come to visit!

Silly Jason, trying to give us a fright

He can hang with the best of 'em....

He's really a great guy...
Plus, he liked Miller Light...which is awesome in my book.

So....yeah....that was totally Darren in a hockey mask (like that wasn't obvious, right?...haha)  We kept saying that the Eyptian Lake reminded us of Camp Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th movies, so, we decided to buy a hockey mask and have a little fun.  :) 

Sunday we hung out at the resort for the whole day.  The Bears game wasn't on TV down in that area, so I couldn't watch that (bummer)....but it was nice to relax a little bit.  We grilled out steaks and had baked potatoes and garlic rolls.  YUM!  It was a great day!  I got some awesome pictures of the sunset over the lake....the colors were gorgeous.  I haven't had the chance to load those, so I will try to get those posted eventually.

Monday we got home around 3, and around 7:30pm I remembered I had to make cookies for a bake sale we were having for a fundraiser at work...today.  Pretty sure I made 4 dozen cookies in 45 minutes.  I amazed myself...I didn't know I could bake that fast! 

Well, that's all for now.  I am just trying to get caught up from being gone all weekend.

I will get more pictures loaded some time this week.  Have a good night, and thanks for reading!! :)

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