Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Busy Weekend.....

Hello all!  I've been a terrible blogger lately...I apologize.  We've been so busy, I really haven't had any time to sit down and spend time with my blog at all.

This past weekend was pretty busy.  Saturday we were in Bloomington for a majority of the day, then we ran to Pontiac to finish up our errands.  While we were in Bloomington, we had an appt with Laura Kruger to have our family pics/Ryder's 1 year pics done.  I can't wait to see them!  She did such a great job, and had Ryder giving great smiles and laughs.  She was so wonderful with him!!

Sunday we had a photo session with a family for Christmas pics, then we ran back to Pontiac to get a few things we forgot about on Saturday.  Between family time, work, and the photography biz, we have been swamped!! :)  But, I LOVE IT!

Soooo, I thought I would share some random pics of Ryder this weekend.  Nothing fancy, but still cute. :)

He was having so much fun with the glass door...it was hysterical!

He LOVES being outside!

That's all folks!  Thanks for reading, and have a great night!

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