Saturday, December 17, 2011

Picture Fun and Cookie Day

So, the past few days I've been having some fun taking pictures of some of our Christmas decorations around the house.  Here are a few examples....

View from the bottom of our big tree, looking straight up

This is the center piece on our dining room table, with our smaller Christmas tree in the background.  Love this one!

I blurred the snowman and the center piece and put all emphasis on our small tree and the lights.

Today, me, mom, and Aunt Lorri got together for cookie day!! More family was going to come, but couldn't because she had gotten sick. :(  It was still fun!! We had a blast and made a bunch of goodies to share!

I made chili for all of us to eat today 

Mmmmm sooo goooooood

Aunt Lorri, me and mom getting ready to start the baking!

This picture jumps ahead about 4 hours after all the baking was done.  Kinzey was able to make it over to help finish decorating the sugar cookies we had baked.  We had a great time!

Ryder enjoyed the cookies too

We were sugar cookie decorating fools!

Ryder just had to get up close and personal with the decorating action

I think he just wanted more cookie :)

Now begins my journey into food photography....haha....these are the chocolate brownie barkle things we made.  Good stuff!

Mmmmm peanut blossoms....

Iced sugar cookies

Non-iced sugar cookies

We also made three different kinds of chocolate covered pretzels, and these things called magic bars.  Everything is super good, and I can't wait to enjoy some of it. :)

Tomorrow, we have a family Christmas gathering with Darren's family, so it should be a fun day with family.

Everyone have a great night, and thanks for reading!!

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