Sunday, December 4, 2011

Playing Blogger Catch Up

I's been forever since an updated post.  I'm sorry....again, we've been pretty busy, and I haven't had any extra time to spend on the blog.

So, since it's been a little over a week, and quite a few things have been going on, I thought I'd toss in some pictures from it all.  Enjoy! :)

Sooo, on Thanksgiving someone (mom and dad) thought it would be funny to turn the toilet paper roll around so Ryder could have some fun...I'd say he enjoyed himself...haha

Yep, we are the crazy camera family...

Yay, ugly faces on Thanksgiving!!

I love his expression in this one

This is a pic of me taking a pic of Jeff, who is taking a pic of himself.  I really wanted to go further with this and have Frank take a pic of Dad taking a pic of Darren taking a pic of me taking a pic of Jeff taking a pic of himself.  Get all that? LOL!  Yeah, I forgot about it and it just didn't happen. :)

Awww, the kitty Christmas sweater makes another appearance.  It hasen't shown up for Thanksgiving for two or three years!

Chewbacca even came to visit!

We installed our kitty/doggy door finally.  As you can see it has other uses as well....

 Ryder getting ready to go up town for the Christmas parade

We met up with Jessie, Kalyn and Izzy 

Oh boy, it's starting!!

Aww, my old High School life, the band!!

Fire truck time, which was a majority of the parade.  It was loud and annoying.  I was expecting more from the parade.... :(

Old fire truck, which was pretty cool!  

I always looked forward to the little cars when I was young watching the parade...too funny!

The Daves kitty cat!  You know you live in a small hick town when the up-side to the parade is when the Daves kitty hands out free Daves bags and paper towels!  HECK YES!

Beautiful horses

Santa!! :)  Ryder did not see Santa that day.  There was a very long line, and I didn't feel like waiting in it.  The mall Santa will do just fine this coming Friday. :)

We finally got most of our Christmas decorations up this weekend.  I'm having a pretty good time taking pics of it all.  

I actually really like this that Ryder is blurred in the background.  

Too precious!

Love it!...even if it's a little blurry....still LOVE IT!
Here are a couple pics of one of my trees.

I will try to get a picture of our other decorations and our other tree sometime.  I love Christmas/winter decorations.  I have so many snowmen it looks like frosty threw up in my house....

That's all for now folks.  Thanks for reading, and I'm seriously going to try to update the blog more often, I promise!

Have a great rest of the night, and a wonderful Monday tomorrow! :)

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