Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend,  I had the pleasure of taking Izzy's Christmas pictures.  I think they turned out super cute, and I really hope her family is happy with them.  She was a lot of fun; I love taking her pictures!!  Here are a few of the sneak peeks I posted for her family yesterday.

I got to try out a few of my new backdrops and props for this session which was awesome!  It definitely makes me want to go out and buy some more new things.  I also got to use my new lighting system.   I had originally bought a plain umbrella lighting system, but, there was not enough light in the pics.  I could've made it work, but I had something else in mind.  I then bought a strobe lighting kit from a place called Cowboy Studio off of Amazon.  This stuff was JUNK!  I was so disappointed.  I had a big photo session of a family of about 30 people, and the strobe couldn't keep up with my camera.  The kit had come with two strobes and two soft boxes....but both gave me so much grief.  Luckily, I was able to return that stupid stuff and get my money back.  I now have a new strobe and soft box that I am IN LOVE with!! The new strobe keeps with my camera, even when I'm using high continuous shooting....that really impressed me! 

 A big thanks to my mom and dad for helping out with the new strobe and soft box!  They both kept saying that they think I take great pictures and can see me going far with this new venture.  That really made my day!  I love you mom and dad, and thanks for being so positive and supportive of this new journey for me and Darren.  

Also, if you get the chance, check out these two pages:

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I need to update the site a bit, and you'll need to have a Facebook acct in order to "like" the Facebook page if you decide to take a peek at the two. :)

Again, thank you to everyone for your never-ending love and support during this new adventure for me and Darren.  We are really enjoying this, and can't wait to continue and grow with it all!

Have a good day!  We have Ryder's birthday party today, so maybe I'll get to post two blogs in one never know!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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