Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Now that's one big pile of sh**."--Jurassic Park

So, I’m a big movie fan, as I’m sure I’ve made blatantly clear time and time again in a majority of my posts.  Believe it or not, there are some movies that I’ve seen that I absolutely can’t stand…..they were awful.  It takes a lot for me to say that I can’t stand a movie, so I thought I would take you all on a journey through the list of movies I find wretched.  It should be a fun ride!

Sleepaway Camp

I love older horror/slasher movies.  I have a large DVD collection of movies that fit into this genre.  However, with that being said, this movie IS NOT GOOD!  It is about these teens that go to summer camp.  There is this girl that is always being made fun of and mocked by a lot of the teens at the camp.  These mysterious murders start happening, and at the end you find out it was this “girl,” but that’s not all you find out.  There is a big…I guess it was supposed to be a shocker….the “girl” is actually a boy, who was dressed like a girl, and brought up like a girl by her crazy-ass aunt.  How do you find this out?  This kid is standing naked holding a knife, so you get to see it all in all its glory.  Yeah.  I would tell you all to go rent this one to see for yourself, but it’s not worth it.

Twitch of the Death Nerve

It has been awhile since I’ve seen this movie.  Based on the title, I’m sure you can tell that this is another old slasher film.  I remember thinking this one was absolutely ridiculous due to the amount of boob shown throughout the film.  Really?  I know these movies are known for that, but this one was out of control.  Don’t see it.


Do you see a trend yet?  Do you notice that, so far, these movies are coming from the same genre?  Yeah…blame my ex-boyfriend for that.  Anyway, this one was a train wreck.  At one point, a helicopter crashes through some glass…and believe me when I say it comes out of NOWHERE.  I don’t think it had anything to do with the storyline at all…awesome.

Troll 2

Ah, the touching tale of the city dwelling family that swaps homes with another family from Nilbog.  It stars Joshua, a young boy that talks to his dead Grandpa about goblins…and you can imagine the terror when this boy discovers that they are currently living in Nilbog, which is Goblin spelled backwards.  The only way to defeat these creatures is by eating a double-decker bologna sandwich.  Need I say more?  It may be one of the worst movies I’ve seen, but I still think it’s worth a viewing.  It’ll definitely make you laugh…especially the hot, sexy popcorn scene….I’m being sarcastic….but really, it will make you laugh.

Feeders 1 and 2

These movies feature aliens that look like pipe cleaners, and the second movie stars a laser gun wielding Santa Clause.  I don’t think I need to go into any more detail….


This glorious film is about two alien brothers separated on Earth.  While in Africa, Nukie obtains the help of a talking chimpanzee and two brothers to find his brother Miko.  There is also a techno dance scene with a random character.  The entire movie makes no sense, and the alien Nukie has snot running out of his “nose” for a majority of his on-screen appearance.  Cinema at its best for sure!

Con Air

This movie may be entertaining (meaning, I laugh at how ridiculous it is), but it’s not good.  I like Nicolas Cage as much as the next guy, but he did not pull off his “bad-ass” character persona Cameron Poe.  Not. At. All.   Plus, the storyline is illogical. And really, they crash the plane on the Vegas strip???  I just didn’t dig it.  I refuse to watch it when it’s on TV.  Sorry Jessie, I think I remember a post of yours awhile back about this movie and how much you liked it….I guess we just don’t see eye to eye on this one. J


This is a fairly recent flick…less than a few years old.  Me and Darren, and my brother and Kinzey went to see this.  We should have known what we had gotten ourselves into when the theater was empty except for the four of us.  This is movie is B to the O to the R to the I to the N to the G….BORING!  Tobey McGuire did a decent job as the nutty soldier, but it was still blah. 

Batman and Robin

This movie is just plain awful.  Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze was absurd; Uma Thurman got on my nerves (what was with that big lug of a guy that she had with her during the whole movie??); and Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl?  Win?  No no, epic fail!  Not to mention I really disliked Robin in these movies, and I didn’t like George Clooney as Batman.


I actually really wanted to see this when I saw a preview for it.  I’m glad I waited until I saw it for free on Starz.  This movie really didn’t have a storyline, and the storyline it did have has been done so many other times.  The acting was terrible…I just didn’t like this one at all.  

I'm sure there are a few more, but these are the ones that came to my mind first.  Watch at your own risk! ;)

Thanks for reading, and have a good night!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm tired.  Actually, the word 'tired' is an understatement.  Exhausted seems more suitable for my current situation.  On top of not being able to sleep well, when I did happen to doze off, little man decided that was the perfect time to cry, and an opportune time for mommy to rock him.  Motherhood...gotta' love it! :) (which I TOTALLY do!!!)

So, last night me, Darren and Ryder all watched "Toy Story."  If any of you know Ryder, he is a little busy body, and has little or no attention span.  He is into everything, and cannot sit still.  Well, we had him in his high chair for snack time.  So, he couldn't go anywhere and was actually watching the movie.  I'll tell ya', it was one of the cutest things I've seen/heard.  He was laughing and "talking" to the flipping adorable!!  Here is a picture of it. :)
Loving the "Toy Story" experience!

Well, no big plans the rest of the week, or over the weekend for that matter.  I am totally OK with that.  The furthest I plan on going is potentially Pontiac, if I even make it that far.  I feel like all we've been doing for the past few weeks is run run run.  It makes for a very tiring weekend...a very tiring and short weekend to be exact.  Let's see if I stay strong and take it easy....

The more I take pictures and edit them, the more I realize I love doing it. My plan for the weekend is to take more pictures, and edit like crazy so that way I get the hang of it quicker (in my mind anyway.) Hopefully I will have more pictures to share with you all once I figure it all out. I'm looking for more test subjects for the picture taking adventures...we'll see if I come up with anything.

Let's hope this week goes by quick! I'll leave you with some of the other pictures we took on Saturday.  I apologize, they are not edited, but I think they still look nice. Enjoy!

He's so funny... :)

Have a good Monday night.  I plan on eating a baked potato, watching my stupid guilty pleasure show "Secret Life" (not sure why I like it,) and relaxing with my boys.

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun With Pictures

I thought I would share a few pictures we took today, and some editing features I did on each one.  This is not all of the pictures we took....I would have edited quite a few more, but my new editing program is a bit time consuming at the moment! :)

Bear with me...this was only my second time using Photoshop, and I haven't read my instruction manual or my "Photoshop for Dummies" book yet.  This is all just from me putzing around with the program...kind of a learn as you go method.... I'm a beginner, but I think they turned out nice!

Enjoy. :) ---if you want to see the picture in more detail, click on it to enlarge it 

We all have to start somewhere, right...? haha
Have a good night, and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Greatest Story of Them All

I am actually borrowing a blog idea that I’ve seen a few times.  I saw it again on a post Tess did, and thought it was a good idea, and it gave me the motivation to do the same.  I have seen it on other posts as well, and in books, so I thought I would give it a try.  Thanks for posting yours again Tess, and giving me this idea!!! I really loved reading yours! :)

It’s like a birth story, and it will basically describe my experience, my thoughts, my feelings….basically, anything and everything to do with it.  Here. We. Go. :)

I really only read one pregnancy book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” but, I consider myself an internet guru.  I looked up anything and everything about pregnancy.  My mom always made fun of me because I was always telling her something new I had read online.  I wouldn’t say I read a lot about the labor portion, but I felt like I was prepared enough for that day.  I knew I was all for getting an epidural, so I wasn’t too worried.  I felt confident, strong, and ready for that day.

I got put on bed rest the start of my 39th week due to high blood pressure and severe swelling.  The real kicker:  nothing was progressing!! I wasn’t dilated or effaced at all.  The doctor did a few ultrasounds, and Ryder was in position ready to go….but it just wasn’t happening.  Talk about frustrating!!

So, for one week, I sat on my butt and watched a lot of TV.  I went and saw the doctor once more that week, and he said we would wait until my 40 week appt to make any decisions, because there was still no progression.  It took FOREVER for Monday to arrive…..

But it finally came!!  Darren came with for the 40 week appt.  We packed my bag in the car, just in case.  Let’s just say I had some nasty road rage on the way to Bloomington…meaning my blood pressure was off the charts.  I think it was 160/120…something like that.  Well, the doctor wanted me to go to labor and delivery to be admitted because of the blood pressure and swelling issues.  He made the decision to do a C-section because of what was going on. My heart started racing! I was going to be a mommy in a few hours!!!!  Too bad I had eaten breakfast, so they had to wait awhile to do the C-section.  Bummer….

At this point, I wasn’t too worried….just stressed.  The nurse wouldn’t let me play on my phone, watch TV, or do anything “fun” to pass the time.  She made me lay in the dark with the fetal monitor attached to my belly, and told me I needed to relax because of my blood pressure.  I just wanted to say “Lady…none of this is helping.  I need to keep myself entertained!!!”  I would sneak in some phone time, and when I did, my blood pressure was fine.  Oh well…

5pm rolls around, and they start getting me ready.  Did I mention they put in my catheter before being numbed by the spinal? NOT A GOOD FEELING!!! I could tell Darren was getting anxious… was I!  It was finally time to head to the OR, and I could barely walk! I was shaking from excitement, nervousness, and because it was dang cold in that room.  They gave me the spinal, laid me back, and got started.

 I remember the feeling…it was surreal.  The doctors were literally jumping on me to get Ryder out.  He hadn’t really dropped much, and was still up pretty high.  They got him out in about 5 minutes, and hearing his little cry brought tears to my eyes.  Thinking of that moment still gives me goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach and gets me very emotional.  I couldn’t wait to see him!!  I got one quick glimpse, and he was and still is the most beautiful person/thing I’ve ever seen.  Love at first sight for sure!  But, they whisked Ryder and Darren away…and I was alone with the docs.

They started stapling me back together, and I remember feeling very impatient.  I wanted to see my baby!!!  This probably took another 20 minutes, but it felt like an hour.  They finally rolled me back into the recovery room, and I got to see my little guy!! All was right in the world…or so I thought. 

The pain started after that.  It hurt to breathe, it hurt to move, it hurt to laugh, it hurt to talk….ugh.  It was well worth it, but I wasn’t expecting it.  The pain meds didn’t help at all, and I remember the nurse telling me she would be back in the room to check on me, and then get me up to move at 4am.  Yeah….I didn’t sleep because I was dreading that moment.  It hurt SO BAD to get up! But, I did it…over and over and over.  It got easier each time.

Poor Darren, he got to witness all of this, including the nurses cleaning me off, getting me up, cleaning me off some more because of all of the blood….it was embarrassing.  This is another thing I wasn’t really expecting.  There was a lot of bleeding.  I thought it may not be as bad because I had a C-section….yeah, not so much…..still a lot of bleeding coming from a not so pleasant area.  Use your imagination..I really don't want to say the word on here...I'm trying to be as lady-like as possible...haha.

Three days later once I was home, I was moving around pretty well, but tried not to over-do it.  I think I still did too much, because I couldn’t move very well by the end of the day, but I didn’t care.  Ryder was more than worth it!!  He still is! J

So, that was my experience.  What’s up now? My stomach is like gelatin.  It used to be one solid piece of fat, haha.  Now, it molds and moves wherever it wants.  I’ve heard it doesn’t matter how big or small you are….it still gets jiggly!  Even though the baby weight is gone, I still feel like a Jell-O jiggler.

What’s even more important?  I have a wonderful family, including my beautiful baby boy that made this whole experience worth it!!  I can’t wait to do it again! J

Thanks for reading my experience.  It felt good to blog this all out….I got to go through it all again in my head, and re-live it all over again!  It definitely put a smile on my face.

Have a good Friday night, and thanks for reading!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Click click clickety click.....

I'm going to take a short break from the title quotes....I don't want to get burnt out from them, nor do I want anyone else to get sick of them.  So, it's regular titles until further notice. :)

For tonight's post, I thought I'd share some updates of Ryder, and include some random pictures Darren and I took this evening.

So, how is Ryder??  He's doing fabulous.  He was cranky Tuesday and Wednesday, but he seems much better today.  I think the soreness is wearing off because he isn't whining as much.  I think a portion of the crabiness is in relation to some new teeth that I think will be making their appearance shortly.  Ryder's mouth is like a drool faucet that has an infinite leak.  You will notice this in some of the pictures.

What does Ryder hate foodwise??  We introduced meat recently, and hehates chicken noodle, chicken and vegetables, and we tried macaroni and cheese...but alas, he hated it.  He also hates diced peaches, pears, cantelope, all kinds of cheese, and cottage cheese.  He also was not a fan of diced green beans.

What does Ryder like foodwise?? He still loves pureed fruit and veggies, any kind, any mix. He also likes the pureed veggies that have mixed grain and noodles in them.  He loves puffs, the Gerber crunchies, Gerber yogurt melts, Cheerios, baby gold fish and whole grain white toast.  I am going to try solids we've previously tried to see if his mind has changed at all.  He is a picky stinker!

What is Ryder saying?? He has been much more vocal lately.  He says da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba, ga-ga, any mix of these, oohh, aahh, and dee.  He is also making lots of razzing noises, and I think he's been trying to say "Yeah" and the start of "ki" for kitty.

What else is up with Ryder??  He's been crawling for about two months.  He really started getting around good a the beginning of July.  He can pull himself up to a standing position, and he's trying to cruise around the furniture.  He's such a strong little guy.  He can wave, but chooses not to, and he likes to watch me clap.  He gets a kick out of it, but won't do it himself.  He is also trying to get used to the pincer grasp, but still likes to pick up everything with his fist.  Also, he's making the transition into 12-18 month clothes.  He can still fit into some 9 month clothing, but it's getting tight. 

What doesn't Ryder like?? The word NO!  Uh oh....I think I'm going to be in trouble if he already doesn't like this word....

As promised, here are some random pictures we took tonight.  Since this blog is about baby R-Dub, all of the pictures are of him. :)
This was after snack time.  He has pieces of gold fish and toast on him.  Can you tell he drools a lot?

He also thinks he's a puppy dog

"Whatchu' talkin' about Willis?"

Looks like he's plotting something...

I still don't know where he gets those blue eyes from.  I think they're here to stay, too.  Weird!

He loves his Elmo

Playing with daddy's X-Box stuff and the rest of the electronics, which is a no no!

I love this picture!!

That's all for now folks.  I'm going to enjoy some "Jersey Shore."  That show is so stupid, but I addicted!

Have a good night, and thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Little Game....The past comes back to haunt me... :)

I was nominated by Jessie to complete this little blogger challenge.  It seemed like something different to do on here, so count me in!  Here is what it is:

What this is about:
To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part
 2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
 - Your most beautiful post
 – Your most popular post
 – Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you

 – A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.

4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5) And so it goes on!
6) The site Trip Base will be sharing the best posts from participating bloggers on their blog and everyday on Facebook and Twitter at #My7Links

My most beautiful post: "I'm an artist.  Torture is a prerequisite."--Dawson's Creek
I thought this post would qualify as one of my most beautiful, because this is one of the first posts where I posted pictures used with my new camera.  I was figuring out the features, and decided that some of my mom's flowers would be good test subjects.  I thought the pictures turned out beautiful! PLUS, this post features 9 month pictures of Ryder, who is the most beautiful person in my world! :)

My most popular post: "That's no moon.  It's a space station."--Star Wars
This, in my opinion, is one of my more popular posts.  It includes a ton of pictures of our happy boy, and also includes an adorable video of him laughing.  He was in his "jail" at the time, so I'm not so sure what was making him crack up.  I love this one!

I've mentioned this post once or twice...just read it.  You'll see why it's controversial....frisky

I thought this post was helpful, because I went into some detail about things I favorite things.  I think it explains who I am in more detail than in other posts I've done.

A post whose success surprised me : "I have no idea.."

This was my very first post...ever.  I wasn't sure what to expect, or how many views to get...but I get quite a few views daily, which to me makes it successful and that much more fun! I hope you all enjoy my blogs as much as I love writing them!

A post that didn't get the attention it deserved :  I really don't know....I think all of them received a good amount of attention...I hope anyway.  So, I'm at a loss for this one!

A post I'm proud of "Thankful"
This was a post I did about the devastating tornadoes that occurred in the south and in Missouri.  I work in close proximity to where the claims are taken, and it was all very heartbreaking and incredibly sad.  Looking back on those times, and looking at where things are with those tornadoes now, it makes me truly thankful for my life.  I think we are all very fortunate.....and I think it's easy to take it for granted.

3.)  Jarrin

Enjoy this little challenge post.  It was a nice change of pace.... :)  Have a good night, and thanks for reading!

Monday, August 22, 2011

"Don't give up on your lost causes, you never know when your luck will change."--Dawson's Creek

I love "Dawson's Creek."  This show got a lot of slack because the dialogue seemed too mature for supposed high school kids.  Who cares?  The show was still great!  I am actually in the mood to watch it now. :)

Ryder had his surgery this morning.  Poor Darren still had to work last night, so he got off at 4am, which is the time I woke up.  We left the house by 5am to get to Peoria.  Ryder's surgery was scheduled for 8am, but we were told to get there at 6:30am for pre-op fun.  They did take some of his growth stats, so I'll share those:

Weight: 22.4 lbs (he's getting so big)
Height: 27.5 inches (I'm not sure if this is completely accurate.  It didn't look like he straightened his leg out all of the way.)
I'll have more up to date stats to share in two weeks at his 9 month well check appointment.

We also took some pictures of the morning,  I apologize in advance, the following pictures were taken on cell phones, and are a little fuzzy and blurry.
The little patient, waiting for his surgery

He was very into his teething giraffe today

The surgery did not take long at all...maybe 30 minutes.  However, it was a looooonnnnnggg 30 minutes.  After the surgery, the doctor met us in a conference room to let us know how it went.  Everything went great!  He was able to locate the testicle, said it was healthy, and brought it down with no issues.  After that, only one of us was allowed to go back and see him, so I went back first.  It took Ryder awhile to wake up from the anesthesia, so I tried feeding him a bottle to see if that would help in the waking up process.  It was a total success!!  After sitting in this little area for about 15-20 minutes, they moved us to the second stage recovery room, and paged Darren to come back to be with us.
Little man after surgery in recovery.  He just finished his bottle and was fast asleep.

We were back home by 11:30 this morning.  He gets to see the urologist again in two weeks to get some of his dressings removed.  I will be even happier when that day comes!!!

Ryder seems to doing ok; he's very vocal...babbling like crazy...or screaming...or bawling his eyes out.  They prescribed some Tylenol with codeine for him to use for the next day or two.  Our little guy is being so strong...we couldn't be prouder of him!  However, this whole process hasn't stopped the mobile side of him....He doesn't have any restrictions as far as mobility is concerned...they said he could continue his normal mobile routine.
Big boy, standing in his jail

He still crawls around like crazy and is pulling himself up and standing.  He's so strong!

He has been taking awesome naps lately, so I was very pleased when he took a 2 1/2 hour nap for me this afternoon, which meant I got about a 2 hour nap as well!!  I needed it!
Such a little sweet pea :)

I think I am going to skip cooking tonight and order a pizza, and just take it easy with Ryder.  I have tomorrow off as well, so I am looking forward to our quality time together! 

That's the only topic I really had to cover today....I'm so glad it's over and now we just have to worry about the recovery period.  I can stress enough how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family who sent their love and support our way!  We love you all!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, and have a good Monday evening! :)

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