Thursday, October 27, 2011

Didn't Make the Cut

A lot goes into editing a picture to make it suitable for printing. Obviously, there are pictures that really aren't worth it....editing wise that is. These pictures, in my opinion, are very entertaining. They make me laugh, and definitely make me smile. These, folks, are the pictures that don't make the cut. Of course, there are tons of these when doing a photography session. I thought I would share some of these from my latest little session with Jeffro and Kinzey.

Darren looks like the creepy stalker in the background....

This one is BRIGHT!!!

OMG Darren....

Jeffro decided it would be fun to not cooperate at this point.  Luckily he whipped right back into shape. :)
This spot was entirely too bright for them.  They look so uncomfortable...haha 
Oh geeze...

And last but certainly not least...a lovely shot of Jeffro and his pretty boxers...haha

Hope you enjoyed a glance into some of the "outtakes."  Have a good night, and thanks for reading!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Wicked Good Time

Ok, so I had an entire other post written, however, Blogger decided to screw it up when I posted it.  Sooo, I thought I would just highlight what I had typed before.

The meaning of my title?  Darren and I saw "Wicked" on Friday.  It was really good!! I thought it was fantastic actually....I'm not sure how Darren felt about it, haha.

The rest of the weekend I was busy doing some awesome things.  Here's a little peak:

Ryder is always willing forced to be my test subject. :)

Saturday I got to spend some time with this sweet little girl....

It was so much fun!  She was such a delight to photograph. :)

Sunday afternoon I got to spend time with these two....

No no, these aren't engagement pictures.  This was primarily done so we could finally have some nice pictures of these two. :)  Plus, it gave me a chance to try a few new things.

I'm loving every minute of this.  It's fun to try new things with photography and see it all come together in the end.  I LOVE IT!!!

That's about all for tonight.  Thanks for reading!  Hopefully I'll have more to show you soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Years Ago....

Three years ago today....

...The date was 10/18/08

...It was a beautiful mid 70 degree Saturday

...I got to spend the entire day/night with some of my favorite people

...I had really long hair (to me anyway)

...I got some radical blisters on my tootsies

...I wore lipstick...not just chapstick....but real lipstick.  I was such a lady!

...I wore earrings (I never wear them now...just don't think about it)

...I bawled like a baby with my parents

...I ate some really great food

...Tasted some awesome cake (did not eat any...only tasted what was shoved in my face)

But, above all else....three years ago today....
I married my best friend!

Happy anniversary Darren!  I love you!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farewell...So Long...Adios...

Today, I took my last pictures on this...

Goodbye friend!  You suited me well the past few months.  We made a great pair, that's for sure. The below pictures are the last I will ever take with this camera....  Nothing fancy, but fun and memorable none the less!
This camera takes great pictures 
I've learned a lot from this camera

I'm very sad to see it go.
But, the camera will soon have a fabulous new owner, who will hopefully enjoy the camera as much as I have.

So, why am I no longer going to use the T3?  Because, I bought this today....
This camera is the shit.  No lies.  It is AWESOME!
One of the first pictures taken with the 7D, and I was immediately impressed

Trying out my 50mm lens with the new camera.

They make a lovely pair...

Awww, super cute!


I couldn't be happier about this purchase!  I will miss my T3, however, the 7D is my new bestie. 

I will definitely have more pics to share soon!!

Have a good night, and thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Love For Dog Food

Little stinker!

But, I can't stay mad at him....
With a cute little mug shot like that, how can I?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Pinch of Pictures and Edits...A Sprinkling of Birthday Fun...A Dash of Wookiee

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post.  It's been a crazy busy couple of days.

  Saturday we spent the day in Bloomington running errands and shopping. Then, we decided to go out and about to find different picture spots.  Ryder was my test subject.  Here are a few of the pics I took and edited.  I think they turned out nice. :)

 Saturday night we had a birthday party to go to for our cousin's 10th birthday.  The party was a weenie roast at Aunt Lorri's house.  I took a couple of pictures of course.
Mom and Ryder...and Darren creepin'...
Fire- pit-goodness :)

The birthday boy, Jake.  The bike was his big gift! :)

Jeffro....he's definitely photogenic...haha

Ryder and Aunt Donna

Our other cousin, Kerry

Dad and Ryder...and Darren creepin' in the background

Sunday we finished up our "chores" and had visits from Jeffro and Kinzey, Daniel and mom.  Since my birthday was coming up, Darren decided to give me my gift early.  If you know us, we usually don't buy gifts for eachother on birthdays and Christmas, or even on our anniversary.  We buy things for ourselves throughout the year, and don't really see the need to buy eachother things on specific days.  We've always been this way.  Anyway, Darren begged me to allow a gift for my birthday.  Since he was so excited, I agreed.  Soooo....what was this gift?
A Chewbacca mask!!!  Darren said he was disappointed because it looked much better in the picture on the site he ordered it from.  He spent quite a bit on it, so he was expecting more.  I. LOVE. IT.  It's a legit nerd gift! :)

Sunday afternoon mom and I took Ryder out to the park for his first time on the swing and the other fun stuff at the playground.
Lovin' the swing :)

He wasn't sure what to think of the horse

He discovered the wood chips

I think he enjoyed the slide....I really couldn't tell.

No cries are a good I'm going to say he moderately enjoyed it.

Oooooohhhhh a sandbox.....

Monday was pretty uneventful.  Work.  Home.  Dinner.  Bed. 

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday.  My co-worker made me brownies and scotcharoos, which made the day awesome! :)  Last night, mom, dad, Jeffro and Kinzey came over with a cake and ice cream to top of the birthday madness.  There is a tradition between me and Jeffro: we pick out eachothers cakes for our birthdays....and they are always really silly or stupid.  Jeffro said he was mad because I would have liked all of the cakes that he had to choose from.  So, what did he choose?

It says "Happy Thanksgiving my little star"....he had mom put the wording on the cake.  It looks like I'm only turning two based on the not the case!
Here I am, with my special cake.  It was a great birthday!  Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

I think I've made this post long enough.  Hope you all have a great night.  Thanks for reading!! :)

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