Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Favorites...and a little Disappointment

Yay!  I remembered to post a favorites list for the month!  I am pretty proud of myself.  So, I give you, my favorites for January: 

This is the first book in a trilogy, and I've gotta' say, this is one of the best books I've read in a LONG time.  It had me hooked from the first page, and not a lot of books have done that to me.  One of my friends recommended it to me before they announced they were making a movie, but I just now got around to reading it.  Since I've read it, I am really excited to see the movie in March.  Let's hope they don't botch the movie like they do with a lot of movies based off of books......

I have been completely addicted to "One Tree Hill" lately.  We have Netflix streaming through our XBox, and this is what I've been watcing for the past month.  I used to hate this show...probably because I never really gave it a chance.  Now, it's one of my favorites.

Imagine my disappointment when I learned that this show is not available on DVD or Blu-Ray.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!  I always used to watch it on Nick at Nite.  I've searched and searched for this show to buy, but have been unsuccessful with each search.  So, what is reason #12645 why I love Netflix??  They have "The Wonder Years" on their instant streaming list!!!  This is another show that has completely taken up my TV time lately.  :)

Lately, I have been craving Arby's medium roast beef sandwiches.  And no, I'm not pregnant.  I get like this sometimes with certain fast food places.  I crave their food for awhile, and then I don't want it again for a long time.  January seems like it is my Arby's month.  Next month will probably be Wendy's.....who knows....

Now, onto the disappointment portion of the post. 

I have some Easter mini-sessions booked and I have some really cute ideas.  Of course, Ryder is one of the kids having their mini-session, and I have had this adorable idea in my head for him for awhile.  Today, I saw that another kind-of-local photographer did the same idea that I had planned on doing for Ryder's session.  I know in this day and age, it's near impossible to be original, especially with child portraits and those kinds of sessions.  But still, I was a little bummed about it.  Plus, I don't want people to think I am copying their ideas.  I know most people wouldn't think anything of it, but, there are those few who get upset and mad.  Oh well I guess.  I can't help what other people think.  I can just do what I do and be happy and proud of it. :)

That's it for the ramblings today, folks.  Have a good rest of the day, and thanks for reading!

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