Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Time "Fun"

Last Saturday we took Ryder out in the snow for the very first time.  We thought he would enjoy it a little more than he did.  If we stood him in a spot, he wouldn't move.  He wouldn't try to walk to a different spot, or even sit at the spot he was at.  He was completely still....and had the same look on his face the entire time.  It was funny, but I wish he would've enjoyed it a little more.  There's always next time. :)

He stood in this same spot for probably a good two or three minutes.  Darren was the one that had to finally move him...haha.

He had this same look on his face for probably about 90% of the time.   Oh're too darn cute!

Not much expression change unfortunately.

So we decided to sit him down, and put his mitten in the snow for him.

Kinda' weirded out.

Wait, is that a little half smile? :)

Of course, tasting it was completely necessary.

Then, we saw this truck coming down the street.

Hello, Jeffro!

Ryder, with the same expression as before, staring at Jeffro and his truck.

See you later Jeffro!

Would you look at that?  It's Ryder!  With the same expression on his face.  C'mon kid, change it up a bit!  :)

Darren and Ryder

Me and Ryder.  This is probably the worst picture I've seen of the two of us together, haha. 

He was trying to get up and was having major difficulties completing the task.  Poor kid.

That concludes the snow time "fun" picture extravaganza.  Hopefully next time there will be less expression-less faces, and more smiles, laughing, and actual snow time fun.

Have a good day everyone!  As always, thanks for reading! :)

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