Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Tale of the Road Raging Man

Today was not unlike any other day for me.  I got up, got myself ready, got Ryder ready, dropped Ryder off at the sitter, and made my normal trek to work.

At the four way stop in Chenoa, I stopped first, and then another car coming from the North stopped....but he didn't want to stop.  Since I stopped first, I went ahead through the intersection.  This did not make Mr. Honda (this is what I've named this man because, you guessed it, he drove a Honda) very happy.  Oh well, learn the rules of road dude.

So, I continue on to take the ramp to get on I-55.  There were some slower vehicles ahead of me on the ramp, plus a semi already in the left hand lane letting all of us merge onto the interstate.  Once the semi passed us, I then merged into the left lane to pass the slower vehicles.  I looked in my rear-view mirror first, and Mr. Honda had the same idea.  However, his idea also included following me a little too close...which he had done the entire time we had been on the road together.  To say I was a little frustrated is a huge understatement.

This continued as I passed the slower vehicles, and the semi.  Once those vehicles were clear, I merged back into the right hand lane, and who do I see speeding up to pass me....  you know who.  I glanced over, and I see he's trying to tell me something....with his middle finger.

In my head, I'm thinking:

Oh boy!  It's Mr. Honda, and he's showing me some lovely sign language.  I love you too, Mr. Honda!  I sure do hope you have a great day, because just being on the road with you this fine morning has been a pleasure.  Especially since there is blowing/drifting snow...I love being on the road with people who speed and can show us all neat finger tricks. Thank you, Mr. Honda.  

I did not see Mr. Honda during the remainder of my commute to Bloomington, but boy oh boy did he leave a lasting impression.

Until we meet again, Mr. Honda...let's hope that never happens.

1 comment:

Jarrin said...

how dare that honda driver! lol you made me laugh :-]

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