Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zero Topics=Random Babbling Post

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't updated in awhile.  Everytime I think to do so, I realize I really don't have anything interesting to babble on about.  So, I figured, why not ramble on about whatever for a few minutes.  It should be a fun, and completely harmless, and if not completely harmless, then only mildly harmful... :)

**My class is almost finished.  It feels like I just started.  Oh, but don't you fret, because the day after this one ends, my next one begins.  This first class was about the principles of digital photography.  It spans a lot on getting to know your camera, getting comfortable with all of the features, etc.  It may sound easy, but seriously, there are features I use now that I would've NEVER thought to use before.  We are required to shoot in the "manual" mode for this class, which is fine, I prefer to take pictures in manual.  Plus, I think I mentioned before, we are not allowed to edit anything.  It's cool by me.  It's pretty easy for submitting least I don't have to doctor anything up. :)   I've learned a ton so far, and can't wait to see what these next classes bring!

**I still have my wisdom teeth.  All of them.  I have three that are partially through the gums.  The other hasn't made its ragged appearance yet.  I bring this up because lately, my bottom right hand wisdom tooth has been singing its sweet, sweet song...OF PAIN!  It's a problem because I have very little room for them due to having braces years back, and its a pretty tight squeeze for all of my precious chompers. It's causing a full on war in my mouth.  The hubby reminded me that if I just got them removed, the pain would go away.  But, he easily forgets that I took care of him when he got his little "wizzy's" taken out, and I got to see what the pain and haze of it all would be like.  No. Way.  I may be acting silly about it, but I don't care.  I am terrified to get these removed.  I know I'll eventually drag myself to the oral surgeon dude and have them taken care of, but until that day, the battle between good and evil in my mouth will continue.

**I've learned that Ryder is a stubborn lil' dude (NO idea where he gets this from, hehe) and he only does things when he wants.  If we ask him to say something, he won't do it.  If we ask him to do something, he won't do it.  If we tell him 'no', he doesn't listen.  It's fun......

**When Ryder 'talks', it's too darn adorable.  He currently says: hi, bye, yeah, mama, dada, ba-ba (for bottle), pawpaw (for grandpa), huh, and poop.  He's trying to say: kitty, woof, good, and various other words that I can't remember right now. He also has his own toddler language that only he understand. Like, for example, when he's hungry and wants food, he says 'ga' over and over again.  All you hear is ga-slight pause-ga-slight pause-ga-slight get the idea.  I think this 'language' is common among toddlers.  Have you ever noticed that they talk in their own code?  And then they respond to one another like they understand? Kind of like Star Trek and the Klingon language.  It's their own little world of words. 

**Our dog needs groomed.  Bad.  We have a morkie (maltese and yorkie mix) and he doesn't have fur.  He has hair; and it grows, and grows, and grows, and never sheds.  It's kind of funny watching him run in the yard; his long flowing hair blowing in the breeze.  Haha.

That's all I'll bore you with on this particular day.  Have a good 'hump' day, and thanks for reading! :)

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