Sunday, March 11, 2012

15 Month Stats and Easter Mini-Sessions

Our lil' dude is now 15 months old.  I still can't believe how fast the time is going.  He went to the good ole' doc on Friday for his 15 month well-check appt.  Here are his stats:

Weight: 26.8 lbs-- 75th percentile
Height: 32 inches--75th percentile

He is still only in the 20th percentile for his head circumference, so baby R-Dub has a small noggin. :)  The doc says he's doing great, and he is really pleased with the number of words he says and how much he understands.  I am one proud mama for sure!  The doc also said he could see that Ryder will be getting his molars very soon.  I've heard these aren't very I guess we'll see how it goes.

On Saturday, I had some Easter mini-sessions scheduled.  I had three scheduled (which included Ryder) and I thought that amount was perfect!!  I was able to spend more time on each session and I think they turned out super cute.  Here are a few from each session:

This little girl is just plain adorable.  Look at her curls! :) She was so much fun to take pictures of!

This next little guy really made me work for his smiles, but the work definitely paid off.  Such a cutie!

And, of course I had to include a few from Ryder's session. :)  He did such a great job in front of the camera.  I think he's really starting to get into the whole picture taking thing. Yay! :)

Today I took pictures at a little boy's first birthday party.  It was a lot of fun!  He definitely enjoyed the cake aspect of the event.  He tore into that cake like it was no one's business.  It was adorable.  I can't wait to start editing some of those pictures! 

Everyone have a great night, and thanks for reading! :)

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