Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exciting Things are-a Comin'

This post was originally going to be about movies I am SO PUMPED for that are coming up, but then I realized there are more things/events coming up than just freakishly-awesome movies that I am excited about.  But, I'm still going to talk about the movies along with the other stuff...c'mon, it's me we're talking about here! :)

I am so dang excited to see this movie, I can hardly contain myself.  The book was intense and wonderful.  But, even though I am overly excited, I am a little hesitant.  It's very rare that a movie based off of a book is as good as the book, so I really don't want to be disappointed with it.  Based on the trailers I've seen, including the one above, I think I'll be more than happy with the movie. :)

Seriously, what could be cooler than having a bunch of super-heros work together for safety of humanity?  Nothing!  If you are a fan of Marvel flicks and/or characters, this is a trailer you want to watch so you can get pumped for the movie.  It comes out in April! YAY!!!

It's no secret that I am a sci-fi/fantasy dork.  I love it all.  These things make me happy.  So, it's definitely no shocker that I am excited for The Hobbit-Part 1 coming out this year.  I am a big LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fan, so I can't wait to see  these flicks.  YAY again!!

In other exciting things amongst us, Darren and I have been given an incredible opportunity to buy a different house.  I will talk about it more in the very near future, but, I am excited to say that we are going to be putting our current house up for sale.  It's not on the market yet, but will be very soon.  I wanted to go ahead and get the word out so it could spread a bit.  We are very excited/anxious/nervous about this, and really, I can't wait to explain all of this in more detail. :)

My mother-in-law Lisa just got engaged!  Congrats Lisa and Kevin!!! I am so happy for you two, and I am so excited to celebrate this special day with you all!!   (P.S.--I get to be the photographer of the day at the wedding/reception; how special and cool is that?!)

I start a new class next week.  I still can't believe my first class will be done on Tuesday.  It's craziness I tell you!  It's gone very well, and I can't wait to start the next one!

We have some fun photo sessions coming up this weekend and in the coming weeks.  I'm excited for these so I can share them with you all! :)

I think I'm on excitement overload folks.  Have a good day, and thanks for reading!

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