Friday, March 23, 2012

March Favorites

I know it's early, but I decided to post my March favorites list a bit early.  Why, you ask?

a.)  The voices told me to do it....really, this is totally true.
b.)  Letter 'a' is not true.....or is it?!
c.)  This list of reasons is really going nowhere fast....

So, I give you my March favorites :)

Grilling :)  (photo credit)

This weather has been amazing, with the exception of the early onset of allergy symptoms.  I love grilling season, and what makes it even more awesome is that we have been able to do grill outside in March!  My belly has been more than satisfied lately. :)

The weather

Ryder loves playing outside, and this weather has been great for that.  He loves running around like a un-coordinated lunatic (I mean that lovingly, of course) and making us chase after him.  It's also been so nice to finally open the windows and let some of the outside air get into the house. :)

Flip flops--- I like Old Navy flip flops the best.  I love how many different color options and variations are made available to us, because we all know flip flops are seriously addictive. :)

HA!  For the second time on my list of favorites---the Arby's Medium Roast Beef Sandwich.  I can't get enough of this's actually on my lunch menu for today.  YUM!

Well, that about wraps up my March favorites.  I feel like March just started, and now we're already in the downhill slope and getting ready for April.  It's crazy how quick the time is going.

Have a great rest of your Friday, and as always, thanks for reading my crazy ramblings. :)   

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