Friday, April 27, 2012


A few nights ago I was in my editing/session room working on some things for class.  Ryder strolled on in, and I asked him if he wanted his picture taken.  He waltzed right over in front of the backdrop, sat down, and smiled.  It was hilarious!  Not to mention, every time he would get up, I would ask him to sit back down so he could get his picture taken, and he would LISTEN!  Seriously folks, this is a tremendous feat in our household.  Ryder is a stubborn lil' man, and only does things when he wants to do them, and only says things when he wants to say them.

Because of him listening, I was able to snap some cute pictures.  I think he's really starting to enjoy getting his picture taken, which makes me a happy camper.  Maybe it won't be like pulling teeth for him to cooperate for some of our future sessions.

LOVE his expression in this one.

I'm in love with these pictures...sometimes the unplanned "sessions" and pictures are my favorites, and this is one of those cases.

Happy Friday, and thanks for reading, peeps! :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Favies

I figured I should do this favorites list for April while I'm thinking about it, otherwise, I'll know, like when you wear brown work pants and instead of wearing the matching brown colored shoes, you forget, and you wear black ones that stick out like a sore thumb? that.  And that totally didn't happen to me yesterday.....

CHI Flat Iron

::: I recently had quite a few inches of my hair chopped off.  It's not long enough to put up anymore, so, alas, I have to style it every morning.  I swear by this straightener!!!  I have wavy/curly/VERY thick hair, and I only have to go through each 'chunk' once to make it straight...sometimes twice if the hair really has a mind of its own that day.  This straightener is totally worth the money!

Hair care products

::: Since I had my hair chopped off, I have been using my faithful products for styling and taming my hair.  They smell nice, and they make my hair happy. :-)  A few of my favorites are RUSK products and the Big Sexy Hair products.  LOVE!

House of Night book series

::: This picture is deceiving, because there are waaaayyy more than just 4 of these books.  I believe there are 9 far.  I've loaded each one onto my Kindle, but I believe each book is about 300 pages in print, so they go by pretty quick.  They are entertaining, and have kept me hooked since the beginning of the series. 


::: Appointments, photo sessions, family gatherings, events, etc. are all in my DayMinder.  I would seriously be lost without this puppy.

Happy Thursday!  Friday is almost upon us! 

Thanks for reading, yo'!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A True Avenger

I think we all know who the true Avenger is....I mean, isn't it obvious? No? Ok...I'll fill you all in...





Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

---Yes.....this is me in Wal-Mart in the toy section playing with Captain America stuff. OR, maybe that's just what I want you to think.  Maaaaaaybe I was captured on camera while performing secret Avenger type duties and I'm trying to cover the whole thing up?????  I guess you'll never know. 

Beware me and my awesome Avenger super powers...they are lethal.

P.S.  Have I mentioned I'm pretty pumped about The Avengers movie being released next weekend?  Too bad we have to wait until the end of the month to see it...bummer.

Happy hump day, peeps! :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Recap in Pictures

Here are some pictures from the shower this past weekend.  You all know I don't go anywhere without my trusty sidekick, Mizz Shutter...aka my camera.... hehe.  These pictures re-cap some of the gift opening extravaganza.

They got some seriously awesome loot.  Here's the start of it all. I'm loving the look of the Food Network brand of kitchen gear.

The happy, soon-to-be newlyweds :-)

More gifts that I am uber jealous of.  Seriously, ya'll, I may have to update some of my current kitchen supplies after seeing all of this new cool stuff available.

Bobby looks very happy to be holding all of those towels. And Danielle seems even more happy about her cookware.   :-)

I love this picture for a two reasons.
1. Danielle and Bobby look super happy
2.  Jessie in the background, peering around Danielle to make sure she recorded the gift stuff accurately.  Love it! :-)

Danielle talked about how excited she was about this rolling pin.  I don't blame her.  Who doesn't need a new awesome rolling pin?  My hubby would say, "Sara doesn't." Pft....of course I do.

Teamwork opening the gifts.

I love his facial expression in this one....

And in this one.... 

They got some awesome gifts!  I'm glad they had a nice shower.

This cake came from Pfaff's Bakery in Pontiac.  Their cake is to die for.

It was a very fun shower; very low key and relaxing.  It was great to see Danielle and Bobby and everyone else! :-)

I had a maternity photo session on Sunday, and it turned out great.  I wanted to share a few of the images from the session.  Enjoy. :-)

I can't wait for the baby to arrive and to do the newborn/family session! :-) 

That's all ladies and gents.  Thanks for reading! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Schmonday

This weekend was a blur.  I'm not sure how much I enjoyed the 'blurness' of it all.  I mean, the weekend was fun....but when it goes by so quick I'm not a big fan.  Stupid 'blurful' weekend.  And yes, I think I did just create a few new words....'blurness' and 'blurful'.  I'm very proud of myself at the moment.  I think I earned a blizzard as a reward.  

 Saturday was the couple's shower, which was a total success and a lot of fun, and then I had a maternity photo session Sunday.

On another note, do any of you use Instagram?  They've finally released it for I decided to try it out.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I may just be spoiled by my DSLR buddy, but sometimes it's darn convenient to use the camera on my phone. 

Instagraaaaaaaaam magic..............

I'm tired.........and I really want a blizzard.

Thanks for reading. ;-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bust a Move!

We have a dancin' fool in our house.  Just call Ryder 'Crazy Legs' or 'Mr. Swag' from here on out. :-)

Sorry---The video uploaded wrong on You-Tube.  However, if you tilt your noggin' while viewing all should be right in the world.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"How You Doin'?"--Joey from Friends

--I love "Friends."  It never gets old.

--I feel exhausted....mentally and physically.  I have tons going on, and it hasn't let up and will not let up until the end of May.  Darren and I have a lovely mini-vacation from work planned then, so I am pumped and can't wait!! :-)

-- I've been getting frequent headaches, and Darren thinks I am stressing too much and that's what's causing them.  I told him that I feel like I'm in a 'funk'....but I'm not sure what kind of funk or why I'm in one.  I like being busy, but I think sometimes it takes it's toll on me.   That probably explains why I am so exhausted..... 

--I started a new class on Monday.  The instructions for one of our assignments was all over the place, so, none of the assignment submissions from any of us students are the same.  None of them.   There were a few of us that used the same file format type, but, other than that, they're all different.  I really hope that doesn't mean this class will be my nemesis....

--Speaking of school, this class gets us used to utilizing Photoshop.  I've used Photoshop before, and I'm surprised at how comfortable I've become with this program. It is not what you call "user friendly."  But, with a lot of trial and error on some of the different features, I feel like I can call Photoshop my friend.  

--I am helping throw/host a couple's shower for our engaged friends this weekend.  I am excited that it's finally here and we get to all hang out and chill-ax together.  It should be a nice afternoon/evening. :-)

--I am more than ready to sell our house and move into the new one.  It's finally for sale, and we've had a few people interested.  I know selling a house is usually a loooong process, but, I'm impatient and want it sold now.  A girl can dream, right?

--I only have two more books to read in the "House of Night" series.  Jessie recommended these books to me awhile back, and they are a pretty good read.  They are quick and entertaining, and I'm genuinally sad to see them end.  I'm all about new books to read---any suggestions?!  Shoot them my way, por favor. :-)

--I'm so glad I have this blog.  It's like a little release for me.  I like being able to share my thoughts, ideas, pictures, and whatever else may be going on.  Time goes too quick, so I love having this blog to look back on. 

--Was this post random?  I think I should change my middle name to random.  Sara Random Maurer.  Sara R. Maurer.  S.R.M. I too strange for words?  I think so.

--I promise, I'm finished now.

--Thanks for reading, peeps. :-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Stinker

I had an indoor photo session on Sunday, and Ryder had just gotten up from his nap when I started to edit the pictures.  I decided he could hang out with me while I did some editing.  Instead of being a sweet little man sit in one nice spot and play, he decided to run rampid in my "stuido area" and make a mess.  Did I get mad?  No.  Did I clean it up? No.  Did I take pictures of him messing it all up instead?  You betcha'!!

"Hey, man...I'm really diggin' this basket.  I like to climb in and out of it instead of sit down....  You can now refer to me as....Ryder Danger Maurer. Please do not mistake me for Austin Danger Powers...I'm way cooler."

P.S.  Did I mention he loves running around in just a diaper.  Hey, whatever works, right? I think he's still young enough to get away with it being cute!

He just looks like a little stinker in this he's plotting his next move.

He loves to climb onto and over things.  He's a definite dare-devil.

Don't ask me why he just had to have this plastic egg.  Nothing was right in the world until he had one in his tiny little grasp. 

He didn't like sitting on this particular basket, so he decided to make this face I found pretty darn amusing.  Instead of moving him off of the basket, I decided to take a picture.  Does that make me mean? haha

I like this one in black and white, too :)
I think it's safe to say he's going to be embarassed to the max when he's older at all of the pictures I have taken....fully clothed, diaper, no know, whatever worked at the time. 

Thanks for stopping by folks.  :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Engagement

Sooo, I'm uber excited to annouce that my brother Jeffro and his girlfriend Kinzey got engaged a few days ago!  I've known since the night he popped the question, but I couldn't say anything until they announced it officially.

I am so excited for these two I could just burst! I never really thought my brother would get married....not because he's not the marrying type, but just because he's my brother, and I never really thought about it.  The thought passed through my mind more recently, but probably just because they started talking about it. 

So, congratulations you two!  Kinzey, I can't wait to call you my sister!! :-)

Here is a  picture of her ring that I took with my phone.  I promise I will do the ring justice when I take their engagement pictures.  Anyway, isn't the ring puuurrrrdddyyy?

Yay for wedding planning!!

That's all for now homies.....

Thanks for reading--and if you see Jeffro and Kinzey out and about, wish them congrats!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Just Can't Handle the Cuteness!

This past weekend I was supposed to have three outdoor photo sessions.  Well, the weather ruined that, so I had to completely reschedule a senior session, and I had to move the other two sessions inside.  The first session I had was with an adorable 6 month old.  Can you handle the cuteness I'm about to throw out here?? 

Can we say...ADORABLE?!  I am so in love with his rolls...what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! :-)

Sunday I had a session with two little girls.  The youngest had no interest in being in front of the camera at all, so we didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to.  But, we still got some cute ones worth sharing.

This girl was up for anything!!  She was a ton of fun!

She didn't want to give up her "bink"...but that's ok.  She's still adorable :-) 

Do I detect a hint of a smile behind the "bink"? haha

What a cutie!

I can't wait for other sessions I have coming up.  It should be a great remainder of the month. :-)

Thanks for reading, folks!

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