Friday, April 13, 2012

Boogie Woogie Boooooooo


I remember when they used to show the "Friday the 13th" movies on TV anytime it was actually Friday the 13th.  I guarantee you I will find a TV channel playing "Halloween."  And, on the day of Halloween, I also guarantee I will find a TV channel playing "Friday the 13th." makes no sense.

So, in honor of this Friday the 13th, I give you....some really funny old movie trailers for the older slasher 'Jason' flicks.  They are sure to make anyone laugh out loud....I know I will be.  Watch at your own risk!

Nothing beats the original "Friday the 13th", right?!  Complete with Kevin Bacon goodness! bwahaha :-)

Ah, part 3 in all it's trailer glory! In this awesome flick, they discovered the use of "3D."  Yeah---it really wasn't too 3D-ish...

Jason Goes to Hell: TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!  Of course, it is about Jason Voorhees, so, I guess it was meant to be bad. This one isn't even bad in an entertaining sort of way.  Booooo.....

So, on this Friday the 13th, be careful that you don't come in contact with I did.


Thanks for reading peeps!

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