Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

This past Sunday was Easter, and I was definitely surprised at how much Ryder got into it.  I was expecting the same level of excitement that he had around Christmas....which was zero.  He was not into his gifts; even the ones that Santa brought.  He would rather play with a dish towel.....

So, Darren and I put together one of his bigger Easter gifts, and put the rest around it and in a bucket.  It was sitting out in the living room, and we made sure to put it in a place we knew Ryder would see all of it immediately.

We brought Ryder downstairs, and he ran to his stuff and started playing with it and scoping it out right away.  I was very happy that he was actually 'into it'....well, more than I thought he would be, anyway.

Here are all of his goodies.  He's not spoiled at all, right?! :-)

Ryder checking out his stuff

He LOVES this thing!

He also loves these little trucks :)

Yay! New sippy cups!

He was really into his books, too!

Having fun on his new trike

Getting ready to go down to Grandma and Grandpa's house

He didn't quite grasp the concept of the pedals, so Darren got to push him instead :)

More Easter goodies

His very first coloring book...I know, I'm lame for not getting him one sooner.

First time coloring

Such a handsome little dude! :)

Goodies from Uncle Jeffro and Auntie Kinzey.  His first Mr. Potato Head!  He was more interested in the snacks he got....

Our little family

'Looking' for Easter eggs.  Ryder didn't care about this part....

My brother....laying in the grass.....

Darren wanted to lay in the grass too...

I guess it was the trendy thing to do on Easter.

Ryder loves being around Uncle Jeffro.  Haha--look at Darren in the background.  CREEPER!

Feeling the blades of grass

"I think I've had enough of all this Easter jazz....I want my sippy cup and a nap--PRONTO!"

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends!  It was a fantastic day! :)

Thanks for reading!

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