Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Engagement

Sooo, I'm uber excited to annouce that my brother Jeffro and his girlfriend Kinzey got engaged a few days ago!  I've known since the night he popped the question, but I couldn't say anything until they announced it officially.

I am so excited for these two I could just burst! I never really thought my brother would get married....not because he's not the marrying type, but just because he's my brother, and I never really thought about it.  The thought passed through my mind more recently, but probably just because they started talking about it. 

So, congratulations you two!  Kinzey, I can't wait to call you my sister!! :-)

Here is a  picture of her ring that I took with my phone.  I promise I will do the ring justice when I take their engagement pictures.  Anyway, isn't the ring puuurrrrdddyyy?

Yay for wedding planning!!

That's all for now homies.....

Thanks for reading--and if you see Jeffro and Kinzey out and about, wish them congrats!

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