Thursday, April 19, 2012

"How You Doin'?"--Joey from Friends

--I love "Friends."  It never gets old.

--I feel exhausted....mentally and physically.  I have tons going on, and it hasn't let up and will not let up until the end of May.  Darren and I have a lovely mini-vacation from work planned then, so I am pumped and can't wait!! :-)

-- I've been getting frequent headaches, and Darren thinks I am stressing too much and that's what's causing them.  I told him that I feel like I'm in a 'funk'....but I'm not sure what kind of funk or why I'm in one.  I like being busy, but I think sometimes it takes it's toll on me.   That probably explains why I am so exhausted..... 

--I started a new class on Monday.  The instructions for one of our assignments was all over the place, so, none of the assignment submissions from any of us students are the same.  None of them.   There were a few of us that used the same file format type, but, other than that, they're all different.  I really hope that doesn't mean this class will be my nemesis....

--Speaking of school, this class gets us used to utilizing Photoshop.  I've used Photoshop before, and I'm surprised at how comfortable I've become with this program. It is not what you call "user friendly."  But, with a lot of trial and error on some of the different features, I feel like I can call Photoshop my friend.  

--I am helping throw/host a couple's shower for our engaged friends this weekend.  I am excited that it's finally here and we get to all hang out and chill-ax together.  It should be a nice afternoon/evening. :-)

--I am more than ready to sell our house and move into the new one.  It's finally for sale, and we've had a few people interested.  I know selling a house is usually a loooong process, but, I'm impatient and want it sold now.  A girl can dream, right?

--I only have two more books to read in the "House of Night" series.  Jessie recommended these books to me awhile back, and they are a pretty good read.  They are quick and entertaining, and I'm genuinally sad to see them end.  I'm all about new books to read---any suggestions?!  Shoot them my way, por favor. :-)

--I'm so glad I have this blog.  It's like a little release for me.  I like being able to share my thoughts, ideas, pictures, and whatever else may be going on.  Time goes too quick, so I love having this blog to look back on. 

--Was this post random?  I think I should change my middle name to random.  Sara Random Maurer.  Sara R. Maurer.  S.R.M. I too strange for words?  I think so.

--I promise, I'm finished now.

--Thanks for reading, peeps. :-)

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