Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Stinker

I had an indoor photo session on Sunday, and Ryder had just gotten up from his nap when I started to edit the pictures.  I decided he could hang out with me while I did some editing.  Instead of being a sweet little man sit in one nice spot and play, he decided to run rampid in my "stuido area" and make a mess.  Did I get mad?  No.  Did I clean it up? No.  Did I take pictures of him messing it all up instead?  You betcha'!!

"Hey, man...I'm really diggin' this basket.  I like to climb in and out of it instead of sit down....  You can now refer to me as....Ryder Danger Maurer. Please do not mistake me for Austin Danger Powers...I'm way cooler."

P.S.  Did I mention he loves running around in just a diaper.  Hey, whatever works, right? I think he's still young enough to get away with it being cute!

He just looks like a little stinker in this he's plotting his next move.

He loves to climb onto and over things.  He's a definite dare-devil.

Don't ask me why he just had to have this plastic egg.  Nothing was right in the world until he had one in his tiny little grasp. 

He didn't like sitting on this particular basket, so he decided to make this face I found pretty darn amusing.  Instead of moving him off of the basket, I decided to take a picture.  Does that make me mean? haha

I like this one in black and white, too :)
I think it's safe to say he's going to be embarassed to the max when he's older at all of the pictures I have taken....fully clothed, diaper, no know, whatever worked at the time. 

Thanks for stopping by folks.  :)

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