Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sometimes All of the time I look at Ryder and I can't believe he is 16 months old.  I remember when he was just a little fella'.....

Look at our little man....he wasn't even a day old yet. :*(

The time goes by way too quick....

He's getting so big, and I can hardly stand it sometimes....I want to savor each moment, and I feel like I do for the most part. I can say it over and over again and it will always be true...time goes by too fast.  Sometimes I feel like time just slips away from me, and I blink an eye, and here is this little toddler in front of me.  Where did the infant go?!

He talks up a storm, saying things like 'tat' (for cat), whoa, yeah, uh-oh, mama, dada, ohhhh, hot, and other 'words', and of course a bunch of gibberish that only he knows what it means....

He's also trying to say 'X-Box'....which, seriously, could not get any cuter!

He smiles all of the time, and in turn, it makes this mama grin from ear to ear.  He's just a happy little dude.

I still can't get over his blonde hair and blue eyes.  Darren and I have dark hair and eyes.  This is still a mystery to us. 

Not to mention, he's quite the ladies man.  Aren't they adorable?

Our little man. :-)  No longer a baby.... :*(

Ryder, you're growing up too quick.  Please, as you grow, continue to be the sweet, rambunxious, little cuddle bug that you are right now.

I guess I was feeling a bit sentimental today.  Thanks for enduring my sapiness, and as always my friends, thanks for reading! :-)

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