Friday, April 27, 2012


A few nights ago I was in my editing/session room working on some things for class.  Ryder strolled on in, and I asked him if he wanted his picture taken.  He waltzed right over in front of the backdrop, sat down, and smiled.  It was hilarious!  Not to mention, every time he would get up, I would ask him to sit back down so he could get his picture taken, and he would LISTEN!  Seriously folks, this is a tremendous feat in our household.  Ryder is a stubborn lil' man, and only does things when he wants to do them, and only says things when he wants to say them.

Because of him listening, I was able to snap some cute pictures.  I think he's really starting to enjoy getting his picture taken, which makes me a happy camper.  Maybe it won't be like pulling teeth for him to cooperate for some of our future sessions.

LOVE his expression in this one.

I'm in love with these pictures...sometimes the unplanned "sessions" and pictures are my favorites, and this is one of those cases.

Happy Friday, and thanks for reading, peeps! :-)

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