Monday, April 2, 2012

So, we went to 'The Vegas'....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Tuesday-Friday we were in 'The Vegas' and I tried to soak up as much of it as possible.  I was pretty stoked to be in Vegas for three reasons:

a.) I got to see "The Phantom of the Opera" at the Venetian.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!
b.)  I got to eat some buffets...mmmmm
c.)  I got to sit at slot machines for hours on end and have fun waste money

I must say, the strip itself is very misleading.  When you are walking, everything appears to be close because the buildings are beyond huge, but really, it's quite a stretch between the hotels. 

Instead of me rambling on and on, why don't I share some pictures?  It'll be fun, I'm almost sure of it!  I decided to leave my precious camera at home, and we took Darren's DSLR instead.  I was afraid something would happen to mine, so it stayed in Illinois, safe and sound. :)

Mom and dad in the limo, heading up to the airport

Me and the hubby-wubby

One of the views outside our room at the hotel

Darren was super excited to finally be in 'The Vegas'.....

Can't you see his excitedness radiating from his pores?  Geeze Darren, calm down!

We were on the 23rd it completely obvious?

We stayed at the Mirage.  It's the hotel that has the volcano show at night.  I did get to see it one of the nights, but, alas, I didn't have the camera.

Me and D-Ron in front of our digs

The Venetian was GORGEOUS!!!

Pretty boy and a pretty fountain

Yay for Phantom!!

D-Ron with Whoopi....they are old pals.

MJ's got nothin' on me and my fly kicks!

This is the ceiling inside the Venetian.  How beautiful is this?!

This will be the next place I stay in Vegas fo'sho!

They had some nifty palm trees in 'the Vegas', too!

Do you see the skull?

Betcha' can't guess where this was.....

Treasure Island!  This was next door to our digs :)

So was Caeser's...which was also another cool looking hotel. :)  Definitely want to stay there sometime, too

The middle portion of this building that says 'Wynn' moved up and down.  This was on its venture back up to the top.

The Stratosphere!  We didn't make it down that far unfortunately....

Must've been one strong drink.... :-/....

I saw entirely too much of this out there.  It's sad to see all of that, really. 

In addition to this, we saw all sorts of family friendly things, like 'The Worlds Most Shameless Drunk Garfield' and busses with half naked ladies on them. 

Freemont Street was a completely different world, too.  It was actually really neat, and I wish we would've spend more time there, not to mention actually take my camera and get some pictures of the area. 

All in all, 'The Vegas' was fun, but I am happy to be home!! :)

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