Friday, April 6, 2012

Wants....Needs...and Nada In-Between

I thought I would post a list of things I have my eye on.....I don't think there's anything wrong with "wanting/needing" different stuff, just as long as it's in moderation, right?!  Yeah, I thought so too, yo'!

--I want another new camera.  Mine is really awesome, but Canon just released the 5D Mark III.  Eeeeek!!!!  It's so pretty...and could soooo be "my preccciooouuussss."  Pardon the "Lord of the Rings" reference.  This particular 'want' will happen way down the road, because my current camera already rocks my socks off.

--I want some different lenses for my camera, but lenses can be expensive.  It's not fair!  Please excuse me while I throw a tantrum....


....ok, I'm finished.

--I want/need some new backdrops for indoor portraits.  I think it's important to constantly change this for a lot of variety.  I will probably order some new ones this weekend. :)

--I really want some Arby's.  I think I'm gonna' make it happen.

--Ever get the need for sweets?  I do.  Like, right now, I want some cake.  Specifically from Pfaff's bakery in Pontiac.  YUM to the max!

--I want/need some new appliances for the house we will eventually be moving into.  We will need a new washer/dryer and microwave, and I want a new fridge. 

--Speaking of the new house, I want to buy some new flooring, paint and other goodies.  I'm sure the hubby-wubby is thrilled at how much I want to do to the house....much love to you D-Ron! ;-)

I really have everything I could ever want/need right in front of me: family; friends; a good job; stability; looks that could kill; wit that won't quit...

....just kidding on the last two....

But, sometimes it's fun to have the desire to want/need different things. 
Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had unlimited funds for the things they truly want/need, and for the fun things in between?  Like I's all about moderation.  Bummer.... :-(

Have a great weekend.  I will posting some cool things this weekend or early next week.  I can't wait to share!!!!

Thanks for reading peeps!

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