Friday, May 25, 2012

Coulda', Woulda', Shoulda'

So, this morning was no different than any other morning.  I woke up, wide awake at 4am, and laid there until the alarm went off at 5.  I got up, got ready for work, dropped everything in my grasp, ran into the wall, and tripped over a cord for the know, the usual.

I got Ryder ready per our normal routine as well. The hubby works third shift so I'm used to wrangling the stinker by myself in the AM.   I laid him down to change his diaper, and had to sing him a song that his 'Scout' plays for him so he wouldn't keep rolling over.  I had to wrestle him to put his lotion on, and had to continually sing to him to try to keep him focused (with no success) because he thinks it's hilarious to roll over and show me where his Pooh bear is on the wall...while I'm trying to get him ready. You know, the usual.

I took all of our belongings for the day and Ryder downstairs so I could finish getting ready, let the dog out, take everything to the car.  You know, the usual.

Our answering machine was blinking, which is rare, so I listen to the message.  It's the hubby.  "Hey hun, it's me. Everything's fine.  I'm at the"...........and nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

UHM, what the heck kind of message is that to leave for your dear wife???  So, on our way out of town, I call the hubby to see where he is and what happened.  He proceeds to tell me that the message cut off because he had to answer an incoming call from my dad, because apparently my dad was his ride home from the hospital, and he forgot to call me back.  Yeah, ok, cool, I'm glad your OK.  TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!!  He was out of the hospital, on his way back to work, so he tells me the story....

Darren cut his finger at work, and their policy is to send you to the hospital when this happens, regardless of the severity of the cut.  Darren said it wasn't too terrible, but, alas, he still had to follow the company policy.  The ambulance was called, Darren was strapped to the gurney, the EMT's were taking his vitals...yep, all for a cut finger.  This part actually made me laugh because, seriously, can you image Darren just laying there, completely coherent, strapped down on a gurney, with nothing more than a cut finger. 

I'm giggling right now.....someone slap me.

So, they get him over to the Pontiac hospital, put some glue on his finger, give him a tetanus shot, make him take a drug test (wha'??), and send him on his merry way.  I still don't understand the drug test part...but the hospital said that it's normal procedure too.  Welp, okie dokie then.

You know what could have prevented this......?

......oh the wonders of Photoshop! Now Darren can really be Tony Stark.

If Darren would have been wearing his Iron Man suit, this wouldn't have happened.  Can't get a cut finger through that armor!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Thanks for reading! :-)

P.S.  Darren is healing just fine and will make a full recovery.  Just wanted to throw that out there....

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