Monday, May 21, 2012

The Heat is On

This weekend was another busy one....and a hot busy one at that!  I can't believe it's been in the lower 90's in May!  But, with the mild winter weather we had, this hot spring weather really shouldn't surprise me.

I had two outdoor sessions this weekend, and I was worried how well the little ones would do in the heat.  Both sessions turned out awesome!!  I was a hot sticky mess by the end of both of them, but it was well worth it to see these adorable kiddos.

Session #1 was with an adorable 6 month old and his parents.  He was hesitant with the smiles at first, but soon he was giggling and smiling away.

Ahhh, what a little doll-face!

Isn't he precious??

Session #2 was with two cutie-pie sisters.  I had taken some in-door pictures of them last month, but the little one just wasn't having it.  We decided to give it another go by trying outside pictures.  I'm so glad we did!!

Love this one of these two!

She was all about walking through the park.  :-)

She was definitely up for smiling this time.  What a doll!

I'd say we had two very successful sessions this weekend.  

Lata' friends.  Thanks for reading!! :-)

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