Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Think I'm Married to Tony Stark

So, do you guys know who Tony Stark is?


He is Iron Man.

Do you ever look at a word long enough, and it just doesn't look right?  That just happened as I looked at 'iron'.....

.............................I have a very short attention a dog.

Ok, anyway, Tony Stark is Iron Man.  I really only know Tony Stark as portrayed by Robert Downy Jr, who does an EXCELLENT job in the role, might I add!  The role of Tony Stark is sarcastic and quick witted, and he really does a great job.  But, this isn't why I think I'm married to Tony Stark.

Tony Stark has facial hair.  It looks like this:

Photo Credit

It has a very distinctive shape, and in the above pic it is pretty clean-cut.  I dig this style.

The other night at work, the hubby was asked if he was copying the "Tony Stark" look with his facial hair.  He told the guy no, and that his facial hair just kind of grows in the same way. 


That is an older picture of Darren....he wouldn't take a new one and send it to me.  I'll take what I can get.

Here is another one with D-Ron's facial stubble:

Another older picture, but you get the idea.

So, Darren starts asking me about his facial hair and wants to know if it looks like Tony Stark.  I say, "sure."  He spent some extra time last night trimming and making it look all purdy, and asked me again if it looked like Tony Stark.  I, again, say "sure."  I think I made him super duper happy with this answer, because, let's face it...Tony Stark is awesome....

This, my friends, is why I think I'm married to Tony Stark....haha.

....and yes, I know this makes me a nerd.  I accept this and I embrace my 'nerdiness'. 

On a sidenote::: I totally dig the hubby's facial hair, and I probably should have said it looks better than Tony Stark. 

Thanks for reading ladies and gents.

1 comment:

Darren said...

All I need is the Iron Man suit.....and billions of dollars....and my own company.....and....nevermind....I'll just stick with D-Ron.

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