Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Hey, you guys ready to let the dogs out?"

:: Ever see "The Hangover"?  The character 'Alan' says the line that I put as the title in the movie. I didn't really like it at first, but I like it more each time I watch it.  Kind of like "Superbad."  Yep...pretty funny stuff right thurrr.

::  I had a not-so-pleasant night last night.  A migraine paired with a screaming child with the addition of power editing on a computer are not good when mixed together.  Trust me.  I have some more power editing to do tonight, so let's hope that my child decides to play nice and not run rampid through the house screaming his head off. 

::  Because of said migraine, it took me forever to fall asleep last night.  Darren is an awesome hubster, and sent me to bed around 8pm.  I laid there for awhile, dozed, and then woke back up at 11:15pm.  The headache was almost gone, but I felt so tired.  I fell back asleep, and woke up bright and early at 4am, and laid awake until my alarm went off at 5am.  Gotta' love that.

::  What is it about Panera that makes me so happy?  Could it be the awesome chips they have?  Maybe.  Could it be the awesome sandwiches?  Maybe.  Could it be the glorious pickle that accompanies the sandwich?  Maybe.  OR--could it be the amazing cinnamin roll I had today??!!! YEP!

:: I am so pumped and ready for this long holiday weekend.  What's in store?  Sessions; food; a zoo; a baby shower; food; family togetherness; food; and oreo dessert.  YUM!

:: I want to go see The Avengers again.  Badly. 

::  Darren's meeting me in B-Town Friday night with R-Dub so we can do some shopping/go to dinner after I get off work. 

I can't wait for my date night with my boys!! :-)

Peace, love and rock n' roll friends.  Thanks for reading!

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