Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Friday...Have a Hot Pocket!

The other day the topic of Hot Pockets got brought up because I had a Lean Pocket for lunch that was not very satisfying..... I cried after eating it.

....ok, so I didn't cry.

....but I still wasn't satisfied.  It wasn't one of the 'tastier' Lean Pockets that I've had the privilege of digesting.

This video got sent to me, and seriously, I laughed by butt off.  The video is of comedian Jim Gaffigan doing his Hot Pocket routine. this!  It's hilarious!

Funny, right?!

On a sidenote:::  I have three photo sessions this weekend, two of which are outdoors.  Let's hope it doesn't rain on my parade.....

On an even better sidenote::: In the book I am reading, the lead female was told by her "guardian" that she was covered in 'awesomesauce.'  I'm not sure what 'awesomesauce' is supposed to be....but is it terrible that I want to be covered in 'awesomesauce' more than I can explain....?

Happy Friday!! Thanks for reading, peeps!

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