Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm not sure what posessed me to title this post as "peek-a-boo"... maybe it's my attempt to cleverly put a spin on "sneak peek."  Either it worked marvelously, or I'm just a big ol' nerd.  I think the second option is a bit more accurate. ;)

This past Saturday I had a newborn session with a sweet little boy.  I was able to use two of my newborn hats, I got to try out a new backdrop, and I got my baby fix for the afternoon. :-)  I have a few more newborn sessions coming up the end of May, beginning of June time frame, and I can't wait!

Love these last two in this color tone.  What a little doll! :-)

I will have more sneak peeks to share this week!

Thanks for reading, homies!

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