Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tuesday/Wednesday Catch-up and Some Favs

Darren and I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week as well, and it was definitely nice to have a little break.  Even though we were busy every day, I was still able to enjoy a lot of quality time with my fellas.

Tuesday I deemed as 'catch-up day.'  I had a lot of editing and homework to catch up on.  I caught up on everything, and we even had a chance to take Ryder swimming in the afternoon.  It was pretty good day, and even though we didn't really go anywhere, I feel like the time still slipped through my fingers.

Wednesday we decided to take a trip up to Brookfield Zoo near Chicago **pictures to come**.  I was hoping Ryder would enjoy it a little more than last time since he's a bit older.  Not so much.  He really didn't care about the animals, with the exception of the seals.  He LOVED the seals....he was laughing, pointing and clapping at them.  It was beyond adorable.  As far as the other animals he saw, he decided to name them 'kitty.'  Every animal is called 'kitty' these days.....

I told the hubby that we need to plan a Chicago trip sometime soon so Ryder can see Shedd Aquarium.  Since he loved the seals, I bet he would love seeing more fish, dolphins, and the beluga whales! :-)

Aaaaannnnddd since it's the end of the month, I suppose I will share some of my favorites.  Here we go!

This is a seriously yummy (and super filling) sammy.  SO GOOD!


Fountain Pepsi and Coca-Cola

There's just something about summer time and fountain pop that go hand in hand.  Why does it always taste so much better out of a fountain machine?  Darren has talked about getting one of those Soda Stream things....I may have to try it to see if it tastes like the real deal.  Might save me some chedda' in the long run.

My skin is very dry right now because of my psoriasis  For some reason, the psoriasis has decided to spread all over the place, and this lotion helps a ton with some of the itch.  I love this lotion!

I guess that's all folks.  Happy Thursday, and thanks for reading!! :-)

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