Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Was a Hot One!

This past Sunday I had a session with a sweet little family.  This was my second time taking their pictures, and it didn't disappoint in the fun department.  However, it was extremely hot (90+ degrees), and the hotness was accompanied by an annoying wind. 

With all of that going on, I think we still got some cute ones. :-)

This cutie right here....he definitely has a mind of his own.  He really wasn't into the session this time, but I still managed to get a few shots/smiles out of him... :-)

P.S.  See those tattoos on his arms?  I guess he wouldn't take them off and really wanted them on for pictures.  Hilarious!

Have I mentioned how much I love using the railroad tracks during sessions? 

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading. :-)

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