Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Perfect Day for Favorites

Today, I dub thee, 'Favorites Day on the Maurer blog' day....because that's what I feel like posting today.

Is that ok?


Good, great, grand, wonderful!  What movie is that from?  Respond correctly and I'll give you a cookie!

Actually I don't have a cookie to give away.  Buuuut,  knowing your cinema and movie quotes is a wonderful prize all on its own. :-)

I'm rambling....

I can't shut it off......

Ok, favorites!!!

Nike Celso Women's Thong

I actually have these in brown with a splash of pink, and seriously folks, these are super comfy flip flops.  These are my first choice of flip flop right now, unless I'm being really weird and want to wear the flip flop color that matches the color of the top I am wearing....I mean, who does that?  Oh yeah, I do.  All the time actually.  But, back to these flip flops, they are so comfy, that it makes me not want to be weird and match my flip flop color to the color of my top.  I need another pair of these pronto!!!! 

Sonic Food

Who loves food that is not very good for you?  ME!  Who loves food that speaks to your soul?  ME!  Ok, it doesn't speak to me, or my soul.  But, I am hooked on Sonic lately.  All in moderation, right?? :-)  Their burgers are pretty delish, and have I mentioned that they have an ice cream treat consisting of cookie dough AND brownie batter?  Um, I'll take 4562354 of those puh-lease!  Or, maybe I'll just take one of them and savor each bite.  Yeah, sounds like a plan.  YUM!

That concludes my favorites list for June.  Sorry, I'm pretty darn lame these days.  How can I not even have at least three favorite things?  Because, I'm lame.  Why do my favorites lists always consist of food?  Because, I love food.  Oh, and I'm lame.

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for reading, yo'!


Darren said...

Billy Madison.....where's my cookie???

Sara said...

Good job Darren. Sorry, no cookie. Your prize is knowing that you are awesome with cinema and movie quote knowledge! What kind of prize is better than the prize of knowledge?! ;)

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