Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Lesson Learned

I was out-smarted friends....out-smarted by those infomerical peeps.

I usually don't give in to the hype of the products made popular from infomercials, however, I would totally purchase a Magic Bullet or a Ronco Rotisserie roaster.  SET IT AND FORGET IT!!! Haha.  But, those products are available in the 'TV' sections in most stores, so I can just shop at my leisure and purchase one at any given time.
So, the most recent infomercial product I became interested in was The Perfect Tortilla.  I liked this set because they are tortilla molds that fits any size tortilla, and they are baked.  I decided that I possibly wanted to buy one of these sets, because it was definitely a good price ($10) and it came with free crap.  Who doesn't love extra free crap that you will never use?  I do fo' sho'.

I sooooo wanted to say adios to the fryer I never use anway...seems like a justifiable reason to purchase this thang, right?

So, I logged onto the website where I could purchase my tortilla set.  I entered in my info, and I clicked the button (which should have been my first clue) that said process order.  Well, once you do this, it takes you through tons more screens trying to get you to buy more crap.  I selected 'no' for all of these options, except for the option to make the molds a super durable stainless steel, you know, because that was an obvious add-on choice.... (not really, just trying to justify this extra add-on).   But when I saw that the shipping and handling portion was $15, I cancelled out.  Paying $15 for standard shipping is not something I really wanted to do.  So, I cancelled out of the order, and that was that.  I was never taken to the end confirmation screen that usually accompanies online orders.

But then.....

I started thinking about what I would be missing.  I really wanted that dang perfect tortilla set.  I wanted to be able to make these baked tortilla shell bowls from home. 

So, I decided to click on process order again, go through all the screens asking if I wanted to add-on more crap...and this time I said no to the stainless steel version, but then, I saw that stupid shipping charge again, and really couldn't justify spending $15 on shipping for a product that will probably be in stores soon.  So, that was that.  I decided I would wait.  I cancelled out and thought all was done with The Perfect Tortilla.


A few days later I see a charge for the perfect tortilla come through on my online banking.  At first I was peeved, but then I realized that I had put in my credit card info and then clicked on that dang process order button.  I was under the impression that an order would not processed until I had got gotten through all the other stupid screens for add-ons.  Stupid muah.  Well, the hubster and I discussed it, and instead of fighting the charge, we decided to let it be, because it was the cheaper version of the Perfect Tortilla--non-stainless steel--and I really still did want the dumb thing.  All was right in the world.


A few days after that, I see another charge for the perfect tortilla--the more expensive stainless steel version--on my online banking.  They ended up processing that first order, too.  I really thought I was in the clear.  So, now, not only do I have four of these molds, plus a cookbook and a chopper coming my way, I have four more of these molds, plus a second cookbook and a second chopper being sent to me. 

These better be the best dang tortilla molds...EVER. 

I should have known better.  The guy on the informercial was a tad bit creeptastic....dang you infomercial!!!

Moral of the story?  Don't click the 'process order' button unless you really REALLY know for certain that you 100% for sure want that new-fangled infomercial product.

Or, just wait for it to become available in stores.

Happy Wednesday.  Thanks for reading. :-)

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Abbey said...

bahahaha love it. And I hope you love them. Since you have a bunch of them now! But seriously... I am a fan of infomercials. I actually watch them like you watch a tv show.

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